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Your Essential Guide to Wet Rooms and Their Benefits

Are you wondering what can make your bathroom different from the rest? Are you tired of having a regular generic bathroom and would like something that stands out? If you are thinking of having a bathroom makeover or if you’re just building your new home from the ground up, one of your best options would be to have a wet room installed. But what is a wet room, and how can it benefit you? Here’s your essential guide to wet rooms and their benefits.

How is it different?

Understand this: a wet room is not like your regular shower space or area. Unlike regular bathrooms, a wet room is designed to be water-tight, so there is less risk of mould or mildew buildup caused by water or moisture. A wet room will often have a shower enclosure, but the shower area will not be encased on all sides with shower panels – it will usually have just a side or two enclosed with a shower screen, and these wetroom shower screens serve the invaluable purpose of not allowing any water from the shower to splash onto the other areas of the bathroom.

If we’re talking about a standard wet room, we’re referring to the actual process of waterproofing (also called tanking) which makes the entire room water-tight. The wet room doesn’t need any enclosed space for a shower, simply because the entire room itself already functions like an enclosed, water-tight space. Most wet room floors will also be designed to slope slightly so the water can easily flow into the drain.

You also have the choice to simply have a wet room shower in your regular bathroom – this wet room shower will also not be fully enclosed and will have one or two panels, and these wet room showers can be fitted with shower trays as well.

A space-saver

Wet rooms are known for allowing you to save space if you have a small, compact bathroom. Since there are no doors to speak of, your bathroom will appear larger and roomier, and you won’t have any difficulty moving around. Of course, you can opt for a door on the enclosure as well, but most wet room owners choose not to have any. 

Better for children and the elderly

If you have people in your family who are older or who have problems with mobility, a wet room offers a handy and convenient (and much safer) solution. Wet rooms have no barriers or thresholds which you need to step over, so they are inherently safer for those with a disability or those who cannot move well. If you have young kids, a wet room shower is also a much safer option since there is less risk of trips and falls.