Why You Need to Deep Clean Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are one of the most important places in your home. However, it attracts a lot of dirt, grime and is the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of germs if you fail to keep it clean. If you need to get your bathroom deep cleaned, you can hire the right professionals by searching for “cleaning services near me”. Let’s check out why you should deep clean your bathroom and how you can do it yourself.

The Reasons

  1. Lack of time – Modern life is a hustle. You need to wake up early, make breakfast, prepare the kids for school, go to work, get mad at traffic, get back and finish up assignments, make dinner and do so much more. That’s why cleaning time is a luxury. When it comes to daily cleaning, the bathroom isn’t on the checklist. Even during weekends, the bathroom gets a quick clean to maintain a decent level of hygiene.

That’s why you need to get your bathroom deep cleaned once in a while to make sure you can reach every corner and finish off pathogens or grime build-up on surfaces. It isn’t just to clean your bathroom but to achieve higher levels of hygiene and clean up those parts that don’t get a lot of attention.

  1. Embarrassment – When you invite colleagues, friends, or other guests to your home, they may need to relieve themselves in the bathroom. You don’t want them to deal with an unhygienic environment when they open the door.

If you don’t deep clean your bathroom a few times every year, the grime buildup on the edges of the tile, scaling on shower fixtures, and brown patches around the toilet become very apparent. Instead of impressing your guests, you end up embarrassing them and yourself. That’s why it’s necessary to get your bathroom deep cleaned.

  1. No bacteria or germs – Even after you give your bathroom a quick clean every day, it doesn’t feel as clean. You may have missed a few corners and hidden spots that may be the perfect hiding spot for bacteria, fungus, germs, and more. Regular quick cleans aren’t even enough for getting rid of mold patches in your bathroom.

Just washing those surfaces with a strong detergent isn’t enough. You also need to get surfaces, scrubbed and even immersed in liquid solutions. Without a deep clean, bacteria, viruses, and numerous harmful micro-organisms stay in the bathroom and get to spread diseases.

  1. Odor – Odor is a big factor for any bathroom. If you give your bathroom a quick clean you won’t be able to get rid of bad odor. Simply spraying scents and keeping scented candles in the bathroom is a poor and temporary solution. It doesn’t deal with the root cause of the bad odor. When the bathroom doesn’t get deep cleaned for a long time, bacteria and fungus activity increases and releases all kinds of musky, moldy and rotten smells in the bathroom.

Moreover, those odor-producing microorganisms thrive in a high-moisture environment like the bathroom. That’s why you need to deep clean your bathroom thoroughly and kill those germs. After that, you can use baking soda, and other agents to absorb all that nasty lingering smell. It’s also important to keep the bathroom as dry as possible to prevent the growth of bacteria and other germs.

  1. Toilet – Just because you pull down the flush lever or press the flush button, it does not mean that all the nasty bodily waste goes away. There are extremely tiny particles that are hard to see and stay back. They build up in the toilet and even spread to the bathroom if you don’t deep clean it.

This is very common in most households since there’s that one family member who always leaves the toilet seat open. That’s why you should deep clean the bathroom along with the toilet to keep away those tiny disease-spreading particles.

  1. Damp and warm – As mentioned above, bacteria, fungus, and other harmful microbes love a damp humid environment. Moreover, the bathrooms are also warm. This creates the perfect condition for bacteria growth and allows disease-spreading germs to have a party. If you don’t deep clean your bathroom often enough, the germ party can come back to bite you in the form of very expensive medical bills. In the worst-case scenario, they may cause long-term damage to your health.
  1. A patient at home – While germ and bacteria buildup at your home puts everyone’s health at risk, it is especially damaging to the health of sick individuals in your home. If you have someone who is suffering from respiratory issues or viral fever, their condition can worsen due to the unhygienic environment of an unclean bathroom.

Bathrooms that have poor ventilation and aren’t deep cleaned enough often get a mold problem. The mold spores can invade the respiratory system of the sick person in your home and worsen their underlying respiratory issues. Moreover, if they have a cold or a viral fever their immune system gets weakened and vulnerable. The harmful bacteria and germs in an unclean bathroom have an easier time invading their body and may worsen their health condition.

  1. Aesthetics – As mentioned above bathrooms that aren’t deep cleaned show that they haven’t been deep cleaned with clear signs. There are lime scales on the tiles, hard water stains on the sports and fixtures, and other such visual cues all around the bathroom. If you’ve invested a lot of money in your home and your bathroom, these visual signs completely ruin the aesthetics.

It can easily put you in a bad mood when something that’s supposed to look like a million dollars looks very disappointing. Without deep cleaning your bathroom, your budget home spa sessions, bubble baths, and other luxurious leisurely activities aren’t as enjoyable anymore.


While deep cleaning your bathroom is very important, it’s a tiring task that requires a lot of time and commitment. Instead, you can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to do the job for you.