Why Install a Stair Lift?

Installing a stair lift in your house is an excellent idea, especially if you have an elderly person in the house who has difficulty with climbing up or down the stairs. A stair lift can be mounted on the side of the staircase, and has a seat attached to it. The person has to sit on it, and once they press the button, a motorised belt will take them up or down. Some of the benefits of installing a stair lift are as follows:

  • Convenience
  • Allow for increased mobility
  • Make life easy for the elderly

However, what about stairlifts for narrow stairs in Corby? There are plenty of options available in that niche as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Narrow Staircases

When it comes to installing a stair lift for a narrow staircase, you should consider opting for a folding chair. The folding chair is more convenient and easier to manage and doesn’t even get in the way as much, allowing people to climb up or down the stairs without having to worry about a chair cushion hitting their leg all the time.

Custom Designs

If you are looking to install a stair lift in your home, you need to first look for a reliable company that specialises in this department. You can visit their showroom to check out the various options and then select a custom design. These are just a few things that you should know about installing a stair lift in your house.