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When to Hire a Professional Plumber

Your bathtub suddenly refused to drain, and you need help fast, but choosing a plumber can be tough. How can you tell if the expert you are talking to knows what he or she is doing, or if they are going to leave you with more problems and headaches? Homeowners find it tempting to call out some random neighbourhood handyman to fix their plumbing woes. After all, he or she says they offer cost-effective services and can get your drain working in no time. However, you risk a lot by going with unpermitted plumbers. To understand exactly why you should only hire a certified and reliable plumber, you simply need to look at the many benefits these professionals bring with them to each job.

Training and Credentials

A plumbing license, acquired by a professional, should mean that the person performing the work has adequate training, understands the industry standards, and received state approval to provide services. All licensed plumbers must follow the rules put in place by plumbing regulations, which can revoke a license if a plumber does not conform to the established rules for construction and repair of plumbing systems. A licensed plumber in Melbourne has had to complete a criminal background check, pass a licensing exam, and have commercial liability insurance. In other words, by hiring a licensed plumber, you can be confident they know how to properly handle anything with ease, and you have recourse if they do something wrong.

Avoid Scams

To make their businesses more attractive, unlicensed plumbers and other contractors may offer you extremely cost-effective repairs, special financing, or whole-house rates that are well below what you would expect to pay. Many of these are gimmicks to get into your house, and once they get to work, their rates suddenly skyrocket. Always get an estimate in writing before a plumber starts work, so you know what to expect.

Licensed professionals have no such hidden costs, and you stand to gain more from paying a slightly higher price for such services. Consider the difference between a meal ordered at a family-run restaurant and a meal ordered from a local fast food restaurant. Although, in theory, both meals include the same ingredients, one cannot be compared to the other in regard to quality. To keep prices extremely low, most unlicensed plumbers utilise inadequate equipment, outdated materials, and inefficient work to get the job done.

Save Time

Due to the fact that they utilise the latest equipment, installation and repair techniques, and higher quality materials, licensed plumbers get the work done in a fraction of the time. A licensed plumber should come to your home equipped with the tools and materials necessary to fix a leaking pipe, re-seat a toilet bowl, or check for clogs in your drainage system. They discover problems quickly and find solutions designed to create ideal results with minimal cost to you. They also know if the work might require additional permission from plumbing officials and will perform that additional work on your behalf. No matter what you want done to your home, you can rely on these experts to get it done quickly and to industry standard.