What You Need to Know to Select the Ideal Self-Storage Facility for Your Needs

A self-storage facility can solve many problems under various circumstances – whether you’re moving into a smaller or bigger home, getting married and moving out, or simply making some serious life changes, the storage facility often offers a great solution when it comes to securing your personal belongings until you are ready to move them to a more permanent location.

However, finding the right self-storage facility is not always easy, as there are many issues to consider. You need to understand what the self-storage facility has to offer and whether or not these benefits are truly what you need for your own items. Here’s everything you need to know to select the ideal self-storage facility for your needs.

Getting with the budget

You have to rent the unit, so it’s fair to ask what kind of budget you can safely put aside per month to make sure your belongings are secure. The budget you allow will either secure a bigger space, a more secure space, or a place nearer to your home; but you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages first. Stick with the budget, and decide that first.

Proper care

There are certain items that don’t require much care and can stay stored most anywhere. There are other items, however, that may be more sensitive to either temperature, dust, humidity, or a combination of these things. Check your items first and decide what kind of storage is most appropriate for them in terms of proper care. You don’t want your belongings to go to waste, as storage Cheltenham specialists like Advanced Removals & Storage will tell you.


If you aren’t planning to visit your items often, then you may be agreeable to have them at a location far from your home. If not, nearer might be better.


This is not about a simple lock on the door. It’s about high fences around the property, about CCTV, and possibly about private security officers patrolling the area. How sensitive and valuable are the items?

Other services

Some facilities offer other services, such as regular check-ups, drive-up access, online account management, and so on. They’re worth checking out before signing a contract.

Of course, you need to be sure that the self-storage facility is indeed what it claims to be, and does what it promises – for these reasons it’s very important that you pay the actual facility a visit (personally) and see if everything is in order. No matter how wonderful the contract looks, you need to check the overall conditions, the presence of security measures, the cleanliness, the illumination, and the parking spaces. There’s no way around it; you have to do this personally. And don’t forget occupancy – if there are many occupants, chances are the facility is trustworthy. Good luck!

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