What Are The Latest Home Designing Trends?

If you are on the verge of remodelling the interiors and the exteriors of your house, you can go through this article to take a quick look at the trendiest designs, recommended by the top designers across the globe.

Gone are the days when real estate owners were satisfied with the vibrant wall colours and a few pieces of antiques on their shelves or one or two sculptures at the stairs or the landing. Now things are changing drastically, starting from choosing the wall paints to refurbishing with Ercol Furniture. The designers are playing the role of an alchemist to decorate the houses with the best from the upscale furnishing to the smartly designed recycled furniture those are the present day creative marvels to decorate the clients’ homes.

Here are some of the latest trends of home/interior designing mentioned—

The Nordic style

The ancient Scandinavian designing is boasting in many designer houses of todays. You can think about replacing the old design with the Norse at your drawing cum dining space along with the terrace and the stairs. This is said to be one of the best green home decorating concepts for its warm ethnic and artistic extravaganza. Starting from the tapestry to the interior lighting, your decorator will blend it best with the minimalist contemporary style with matte pastels, vivid backgrounds, and black and white decorating concepts.

Use of ceramics, natural stone and fabricated tapestry

Incorporation of ceramic vessels, natural stone decorations and vibrant fabrics are dominating decor. Indigo, red, verdant green, yellow and pink are the most chosen colours of the designers when they are choosing paints for the walls. Some of them are even painting the walls like a canvas with original paintings and frescos. The spectacular lighting makes the walls look incredible and lifelike.

Decoration with contemporary man-made materials-

Handicrafts are ruling the present day home decoration. Besides the ceramic vessels, the designers are concentrating more on decorating the homes with handmade vessels, coloured stones in a potpourri, handmade utensils in the kitchen with clay and wood, hand-woven tapestries on beds, floors and windows instead of the artificial linens and curtains.

Space-saving furniture-

Though, this has been a hot trend for quite some time. The designers are constantly on the way to find new avenues to deign exquisite space-saving furnishings for their clients. This is mainly used in the bedrooms, children rooms and even when it comes to the cabinets. They are installing smart technology in saving more space through smart designing, by adding rustic colours, natural looks, and so on.

Branded furniture

Along with sticking to the organic and eco-friendly furniture, homeowners are always intrigued about collecting the modern furniture from the house of the branded stores. Whether they are looking forward to buying new sofa, bed, chairs, dining table and chairs etc, they choose the top companies manufacturing the high-end furniture portraying class and magnanimity.

So, these are a couple of trends that are ruling the latest market of interior furniture and designs.