What are the Different Types of Window Screens Available?

Windows can transform a room into a beautiful and well-ventilated area. Many homeowners can buy a small house but a beautiful view is something everyone longs for. Beautiful windows can immediately change the interior of a house. Choosing the right color and design can make a huge difference in the interior and exterior view of a house. At the same time, the correct selection of window screen parts will enhance the airflow, let in the natural sunlight and prevent outside elements.

Different types of window screens

  1. Fiberglass Window Screens: This type of window screen is the most common and heavily used in house or commercial places. The fiberglass is low maintenance and doesn’t corrode, stain, or rust. However, it’s less expensive compared to aluminum. One can get too many types of designs and styles to choose from. They are small enough to prevent the bugs from entering and also let in the breeze and natural sunlight.
  2. Aluminum Window Screens: This is a type of thin metal mesh that has an eye-catching look. Aluminum screens have a longer shelf-life than fiberglass and they are flexible enough. The price of this type of window screen is higher as compared to fiberglass. It will surely enhance the get-up of the room and there are several color options and designs available.
  3. Solar Window Screens: The natural sunlight is always great but the houses in warm areas may have the need to block the excessive sunlight from coming through the windows. This is why solar window screens are great to install to block out the heat of the sun. Adding solar screens will not only make the home comfortable but are also great for privacy. It is one of the best window screen parts for those living in warmer climates.
  4. Security Window Screens: Security cameras or alarm systems are not always enough to prevent any trespassers. This is why investing in a good quality security window screen is recommended. It will resist knives, crowbars, and other burglary tools.

Importance of Window Screens for a House

  1. Healthy living: House is the area where people spend most of their time. It’s important to have sufficient light in the house for healthy living. A house without much sunlight and natural air can be unhealthy for living. House owners looking for ways to make their homes energy-efficient, should choose the correct window screen.
  2. Enhancement of Visual Appearance: Windows screens can surely enhance the view of the house both from inside and outside. They will also complement the other elements of the house efficiently.
  3. Providing security and safety: Window screens play a vital role for the homeowner to provide them enough security and privacy.
  4. Energy efficiency: Technological advancement has made possible the windows to be more energy efficient. Energy-efficient window screens are double or triple glazed that block cold or hot air to pass through.

There are too many companies that provide different window screen parts to provide protection against dust, insects, etc. They can be used on windows, doors, porches, or any other larger openings. Reaching out to a trusted and experienced window screen service provider is always a better decision. Pleating, roller, or chain-based, choose a screen depending on the requirement and choice preference.