What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Pool Cleaned Up Regularly

Cleaning the water pool is important to protect the health of family members. Regular cleaning benefits one in terms of comfort, cleanliness and safety.  Properly maintained pools also enhance its life and prevent bacterial growth in it. By taking professional help from pool cleaning services, you can save significantly from possible pool repair cost.

There are several other advantages of cleaning the pool on a regular basis.

How to clean the pool on a weekly basis?

Without timely cleaning of the pool, the water present in it gets contaminated. It is advisable to clean the pool once in a week. Below are mentioned the tasks that you need to follow to clean it.

  • Remove any dust or debris from the surface of the water present in the pool
  • Along with water, you need to thoroughly clean the entire surface including all corners and tiled areas of the pool. A soapy water and brush is all you need for an efficient cleaning
  • Also, clean the pump baskets and skimmer
  • Measure the filter pressure to determine the need of cartridge cleaning or backwashing
  • Check the levels of pH, chlorine, and alkalinity of the water

Importance of brushing in cleaning the pool

Brushing is an integral part of most of the cleaning procedures. Regular brushing of the pool helps in eliminating stubborn deposits of dust and debris on the walls and floor of the pool. The correct way to do brushing is to begin at the top region of the pool wall and then move towards the tile line. Lastly, brush the bottom area of the pool.

Ensure that you brush the floor of the pool lightly otherwise it can cause marks of the plaster. Use of steady and firm strokes will help in getting rid of the dirt that overlaps the brush strokes effectively.

Need of a professional pool maintenance company

The most efficient and easiest way to clean a pool and maintain it in the best state is by hiring a trusted pool maintenance professional. They are equipped with the right skills and use the best quality cleaning agents and devices that offer the best cleaning of your pool. Polaris pool cleaner is a reputed pool cleaner company.

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Spending 5 to 10 minutes daily in pool brushing and cleaning keeps your pool sparkling. It is also in the best interests of the health of the entire family.