Trending Window Treatment Colors – Visual treat for everyone

Window treatments provide safety, privacy and luxury while the lively colors maintain the fires of the exquisite artistry to generate positive vibes. Choosing from a wide range of colors can be troublesome, but once the perfect blend has been chosen, the aura of the home just elevates by unfathomable amounts.

The 60-30-10 Rule

The blending of various colors available can be determined by this rule. According to the 60-30-10 rule, the primary color choice occupies 60% of the space, the secondary occupies 30% and the additional or tertiary color occupies around 10%. In order to avoid over or under decorations, this rule comes in handy.

The larger windows demand Roman or roller shades for which the secondary choice can be opted for while the smaller ones can be draped in the tertiary or accent colors to provide the room a sense of evenly decoration.

How to choose a perfect color from a behemoth palette available?

The trends in home décor vary from time to time, but this doesn’t impose the customer to go for new, expensive shades every year just to keep up with the trend while killing the budget. Other home décor items can be incorporated to fulfill the trending criteria while maintaining the budget.

According to the trends observed in 2018, following are some of the best window treatment colors to look for while purchasing new shades or replacing the old ones:

  • Sage – Undoubtedly the best color trend of 2018, Sage offers a palette of exquisite shades and colors, thereby gaining the notoriety of the ‘family of hues’. The window frames or surrounding space can be draped in darker shades that go elegantly with the contrasting Sage styles. Dark Sage artistry renders muted vibes while the pale ones elevate the vibrancy. Rollers shades and Sage hues together are a visual treat and are highly recommended.
  • Blush – An evergreen color or to be more literal, an ‘everpink’ color that is yet another trending style this year. A variation of normal pink, the blush pink shade is popular among the home décor experts and enthusiasts pertaining to its neutral tone and similarity with standard tones such as Salmon or Peach. Providing a romantic vibe, the blush pink is the prime choice of the lovely couples and the ladies. Roman shades look elegant when draped in blush pink due to its soft and subtle tone.
  • Serenity – As the name suggests, this trending shade of blue provides peace of mind and relaxation in the hours of exhaustion and dismay. The dreads of a tiresome workday can be nullified via the serene shade that goes well with all items of home décor.
  • Coconut – A versatile hue of white and off-white, Coconut has demands increasing among the home décor enthusiasts and interior decorators. This just goes exquisitely with the darker shades and provides ecstasy while keeping up with the modern look.

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