Top 5 Refrigerator Models Trending In The US In 2020

The refrigerator is the beating heart of the kitchen. It runs all day and night and provides food for every meal of the day. Make no mistake – that service comes at a price. Refrigerators are expensive, true, but you should still look for a high-end model that you can rely on to serve your household for years and keep your food fresh and tasty. Listed below are 5 top refrigerator choices for 2020.

GE Profile Series French-Door

This beautiful French door model comes with built-in ice maker and brewing system for all your morning beverage needs. It’s WiFi enabled for adjustments to be made anywhere in the house. Set it up to brew your morning coffee to be ready for when you get downstairs! It has separate temperature controls for fridge and freezer sections, is easy to clean, and comes with an Energy Star certification to save you money on bills.

Maytag Wide French Door

While not WiFi enabled the Maytag does everything else the GE model does, for around $1,000 dollars less. Also an eco-friendly choice that has hidden hinges for additional style, this model is ideal for those on less of a budget, or simply aren’t as fussed about connecting to it with their phone. As a bonus, with the Maytag you can store more perishable dairy items in the doors, as it is a rare refrigerator that keeps cool enough in the doors to meet safety standards.

Samsung Family Hub

By turning back to the higher end of the spectrum we find ourselves with the perfect family fridge. The Samsung has a 21.5” touchscreen fitted to one of four doors for a feature the kids will love. The smartphone giants have included features that you would expect to see in your phone rather than on your fridge. Some of the cooler ones include cameras to see the ingredients without opening the door, the ability to save recipes and photos and even order food.

GE Top Freezer

If you want a fridge-freezer that just keeps food cold and looks stylish and modern then this is the option for you. Under $700 is a phenomenal price to pay for a fridge that does the basics – reliability, cooling performance and style – very well. If your budget is tight but you still need functionality then look no further than this refrigerator.

LG Side-By-Side

The company is a mainstay for reliability and efficiency despite its relatively new name in kitchen appliance circles. On top of that they lay claim to the innovation of the door-in-door feature we’re so used to seeing on many other brands now. The InstaView feature is a terrific innovation that allows you to see into the door-in-door with a light knock on the glass.

There are a range of budget, style and function options listed here for anyone to use as a guide to picking a kitchen refrigerator. There are more examples within each range to suit everyone’s specs of cost and tech, so shop around!