Tips to Decorate Large Living Rooms For Big Families

People always prefer larger rooms over smaller ones. However, a large room comes with its own challenges. Besides cleaning, designing the room properly will be quite challenging as well. People often fail to design a large space properly and the awkward empty spaces diminish the appeal of the room. Further, rooms with extremely high ceilings can be a little tricky to design. To help you create the perfect large living room design, here are a few tips:

01 of 06 Add tall potted plants to home

If your living room has a tall ceiling, you will have to come up with unique ideas to fill the empty space. One of the most popular items you can use in modern living rooms to fill empty space is potted home plants. Home plants are great for decorating your house design because they purify the air and make interiors feel fresh. Also, home plants are available in many different shapes, colours, and sizes. Hence, you can use them to add more visual interest to the space. For the vertical space, use tall pants, and for the empty corners, you can get short potted plants. They will certainly enhance the appeal of the space. However, it is important to position them correctly so that they get air and sunlight properly. Also, consider choosing low-maintenance plants if you do not have a lot of free time to care for them.

02 of 06 Paint two-tone walls

Besides opting for potted plants for your large living room design, you can consider this trick to accentuate the space. Just paint the walls only to a certain height so that it tricks the eye into thinking that the ceiling is closer. This is a very simple task and you can do it at home without any professional’s help as well. You just need to get the necessary supplies and paint the walls. Make sure the colour you choose matches your living room design. To ensure you can perform the task correctly, tape off a line and paint the section of the wall below it.

03 of 06 Get oversized ottomans instead of a coffee table

In large rooms, you will have to create large seating areas. However, the room will appear very awkward if there is a lot of distance between your sofa and coffee table. To cover up the empty space, switch your traditional coffee table with a big upholstered ottoman. This will certainly help to fill the awkward space. Also, a good quality ottoman will add more textures and softness to the living room design.

04 of 06 Fill in empty spaces with benches

In most living room seating arrangements, you will find sofas and armchairs. If you use just one sofa and two or three armchairs for your sitting space, your large living room will appear empty. This is why you can consider adding benches to your seating arrangement as well. Benches will cover up the empty space and help to accommodate a lot of people when you host parties. Also, benches are available in many different designs, colours, and sizes. You can choose one that complements your living room design. Do not forget to pay attention to the comfort level when purchasing benches for your living room. If they do not feel comfortable, people will not be able to sit for long hours. Many benches come with additional storage that will allow you to store various items out of clear sight.

05 of 06 Divide the room using a daybed

To cover empty space and create more sitting areas, many homeowners create two separate seating arrangements. If you want to create two separate arrangements as well, do not leave the space between them completely empty. Consider adding something to separate the zones like a daybed. This is because a daybed will make your living room design more functional and appealing. Also, since you can see over a daybed, it will allow people sitting in the different seating areas to communicate. Make sure that the design of the daybed complements the furniture in your seating areas.

06 of 06 Add a console table

A console table is a great addition to the house design. You can cover up empty space and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room by adding a well-designed console table. Also, you can display many decor items on the tabletop to accentuate the space. Many console tables come with additional storage space that allows you to store many items out of clear sight. You can push the sofa to the middle of the room and place the console table against the wall. Many people hang a mirror on the wall for additional beauty.