Things to Do in Idaho:

Vacationing in Idaho and don’t know what to do? Take it from us. We know exactly where you should go to have the time of your life.

 Idaho has a lot of offer to its tourist. Summer is possibly the best time to go on vacation in Idaho. Because you can find a lot of events that will catch your interest.

Idaho is a state that is blessed with wilderness so a lot of things tend to surround nature, and you are probably here because of nature.

Yellow Stone Bear World:

Have you ever wanted to feed bears? Well, you can at this park. The bears roam free as they should and humans are transported in a safe car and you can feed bears while you take a tour of the park. There are a lot of bears in Idaho. We love our animals and our nature.

Black Magic Canyon:

Don’t worry nothing is cursed here, people of Idaho like weird names. We are weird and proud. If you love to hike black magic canyon is a great place to do so. The Rocky Mountains are a sight that one should never miss.

Idaho Botanical Gardens:

This is not an ordinary botanical garden there is a museum that holds the great botanical collection. Both historical and modern. It is a great place to go in summer.

Camp at City of Rocks National Reserve:

There are more than 64 campsites in the area and you can hike and bike along the mountains and have the time of your life. There are a lot of hiking and camping options in Idaho, don’t start looking for homes for sale in Boise just yet.

Go to Wallace Idaho:

In the summertime in Wallace, you can go to the annual accordion festival. This town, however, is a lot to offer it is often known as the center of the world. It is a beautiful colorful small town that has a lot to offer. If you are going to Idaho don’t forget to visit this town.

Silverwood Theme Park: 

Silverwood is one of the oldest theme parks in the country but the rides are not outdated and old. It stretches over 400 acres. There are a ton of rollercoaster and the water park is one of the best in the state of Idaho.

War hawk Air Museum:

Not only we have nature we also have cool geeky museums too. This museum is known to preserve the history of American war veterans and to honor their memory. It is a very interesting place and a very famous tourist spot.

All in all, there is a lot to do Idaho. It is the perfect vacation spot for summers.