The Best Way to Install Hardwood Floor

Wood floors are durable and beautiful, and very easy to install, which is why many people wonder how to install them on their own. No wonder; wood floors offer a wide range of aesthetic options with various wood floor finishes and are much more durable than other flooring options. These floors will suit just about any preference, taste, and circumstance, from wood species to hardwood finishes and floor patterns. If the installation of flooring is one of the options, you can read how to install hardwood floors.

Prepare the necessary materials and tools

These include finishing nails, hammer, masking tape, tape measure, notched trowel, wood floor glue, wood floor plug, pneumatic stapler, 1/4-inch lauan plywood backing, and safety goggles. Before starting, make a few notes; remember that these floors, even designed and locked, should not be installed in rooms below ground level. Instead, these floors should be installed on a solid, hard surface.

Measure the square meters of the entire area where you want to install your wood floor. Remember to add 5% to the total to compensate for wood scratches and other mistakes. It is also a good idea to prepare a diagram of the entire area. Open the flooring bags and allow them to adjust to the temperature and humidity in your home for at least 72 hours. Leave enough space for stationary appliances such as dishwashers. If you have gas appliances, it is best to hire a licensed plumber to turn them off for you.

Remove the shoe upholstery carefully because you can still use it after installation is complete. You should also remove the door sill covers if any. Cut off part of the bottom of the door frames. Measure and cut 1/4 inch of plywood and use it as a subfloor. Examine the floor stripes, as some may have scratches, gouges, or cracks. Measure and mark the 12″ point on the left and right sides of the wall where the installation will begin. Slide the floor strips forward or backward to leave a 1/2 inch gap between the wall and the last strip.

Nail the support boards along the starting line from the side closest to the wall. It would be best to position the floorboards towards the center of the room because these boards will provide the necessary support to hit the floorboards securely. Apply the adhesive along the starting line with a notched trowel. The trowel should be at a 45-degree angle for a smooth and even coating. Ensure you are using the correct adhesive because different types of adhesives can be used for different wood floors. The floorboards can now be installed. Do not install floorboards with the two ends side by side or side by side. Tap the floorboards lightly on both sides with a woodblock to make sure the rows are tight.


Now that people just learned how to install hardwood floors, they are ready to give their floor a stylish new look! When prepared to install the flooring between the wall and the waterline, be sure to remove all support blocks before applying adhesive to the floor.