Stairlift Solutions for the Disabled and Elderly

If you have a disabled or elderly member of the family, you will appreciate how difficult it can be for them to access some areas of the home, and if you have a staircase, then it is practically impossible for an immobile person to gain access to the upper level. There are, however, modern solutions that can give a disabled person the independence of free movement to all levels of the property.


The latest generation of stairlifts are both safe and silent, and with a joystick control panel, the user can easily operate the unit by themselves. If you would like to know more about the various designs, there is affordable chair lift service in Buckinghamshire, from a reputable supplier of domestic lifts, and with customised solutions, the system can be designed around the home. Many homeowners will be thinking this excludes them, as their staircase is curved, yet fear not, as modern units can incorporate curved stairs without a problem.

Reputable Supplier

If you are considering having a stairlift installed at home, you need to be sure the supplier is suitably qualified and experienced. The ideal firm would be one that carries out this type of work in hospitals and nursing homes, along with domestic environments, and with a comprehensive site survey, the engineer would be able to outline your various options.

Vertical Lifts

In some cases, a stairlift is not practical, and the other alternative is a through the floor lift. We have all seen the traditional lifts in office blocks and hotels, but they are very bulky, yet a domestic unit can fit into a small area, and this allows the person access to all levels of the home. It isn’t as big a job as you might think and only involves cutting away a section of the floor and constructing the framework, and once this is in place, the fittings can be attached, the unit plugged in, and it is ready to use. In any building with more than two levels, a though the floor lift is the ideal solution, and with special sensors, the lift will not lower if the space is obstructed, and there would also be a special backup system to allow for safe operation during a power failure.


These are very useful in the bathroom, as they enable a disabled or elderly person to safely use the toilet and shower, and with water present, it makes sense to think safety first. A hoist is also invaluable in the bedroom, with the tracking mechanism attached to the ceiling, the person can easily be lifted off the bed, then gently swung around to be lowered into a wheelchair.

Tailored solutions allow you to fit any of the available systems, and once your home has been transformed, life will become so much easier. If you would like to know more details, an online search would help you to locate the right supplier, and with their help, your home will soon be easier to navigate.