Novel Wall Design Ideas for a Modern Home

Whenever remodeling or constructing a new house people typically stay with traditional décor for the walls of their house or soon-to-be house. People are getting more creative when it comes to painting or decorating their walls. In recent years, we are seeing the reemergence of wall paper and wooden paneling for homes. What was once thought to be out of style is coming back with new options and applications from homes. In this article we will explore some new styles that incorporate past trends and modern artistic trends.


The days of tacky floral wallpaper are over. Many designer are now experimenting with the same concept but radically different designs. These design incorporate modern themes like comics into the wallpaper and can transform any room into an original piece of artwork. More subtle designs are using themes from nature without appearing to repeat. Not being able to tell where the wallpaper pattern repeats is becoming highly sought after for homes. This creates the illusion that the room was painted in the manner seen intentionally, rather than wallpaper being applied to the walls. Wallpaper is definitely now a viable and great option to explore for the walls of any room.

Exposed Materials

Bringing the city loft look to a house can be difficult. A house in a suburb of Houston, Texas rooms with exposed bricks and steel can seem farfetched. However, there are examples where people have gotten their steel supply in Houston and created modern rooms with exposed steel. This same concept can be applied to using exposed brick for the interior of a room. Combining both steel and brick can give an industrial look that can be complemented with stainless steel accessories, such as in the kitchen. Imagine having a kitchen that looks like a professional restaurant from the early twentieth century. An industrial look for a kitchen works great as it is much easier to maintain and keep clean. There will be no need for painting any walls or spending hours cleaning the kitchen. Stainless steel surfaces are much easier to clean and require very little maintenance. Brick and steel are the best options when going for an industrial look.

Textured Walls

Another old idea that is being recreated in new ways are textured walls. Home designers are using new material to texture the interior walls to give the desired effects. For an example, adding softer materials on walls will drastically reduce the noise in a room. Plus, this will make the room better insulted for those hot days in summer or cold nights in winter. There are many different ways to texture a wall. Some examples include the use of fabrics that are not pasted onto the wall but rather hung from the ceiling. This allows for the walls to have a new design more frequently as it would be as easy as changing curtains. Some have even textured walls with various recyclable material like old vinyl records.

Decorating the walls of any home can be fun and rewarding, and with a bit of creativity these projects can come out original and amazing.