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Local Moving 101- Short Distance Moving Tips

 You have decided to move and it can be a good and fun choice if you play your cards right. There are some things that you have to check and do before you even start packing. First and very important question is have you prepared a moving checklist? You don’t want to go and do anything without a checklist.

Anyone who’s ever moved anywhere will tell you that. Another must when you are moving is finding a decent moving company that will help you along the way. We suggest visiting Verified Movers website. This is the place where you can find the best moving companies in your area.

Let’s talk about that checklist

A checklist can be one of the most important things you should have while moving even if only across the street. It will help you not forget anything. Because the last thing you want to happen is realizing when you enter the new home that you forgot to sign something important regarding selling your old place for example, or anything else. It doesn’t matter, make a checklist, it will make your move so much easier. Things that you will put on your checklist are up to you, what do you think that is very important and things you can’t let yourself forget. These are maybe just some of those things:

  • Find boxes
  • Label boxes
  • Find verified movers
  • Declutter
  • Check your priorities (what will you move first)

And so many more. But it all depends on what you think it’s most important to end up on your list.

Packing tips

Once you find the boxes, and you can do that by going to some store, where they will be more than happy to give you the boxes that are only making a clutter for them. Once you get the boxes next logical thing is to see what will go where. Big boxes for big things. Find markers and mark all those boxes, you will want to know what is where once you start unpacking. Especially with fragile items, you will want to be extra careful when moving those boxes and start unpacking. Before start packing, you will want to declutter. This is not a must but it would be most desirable since it will help you when packing.

De-cluttering also means that you will help someone in need. How so? Well, by decluttering, that is,getting rid of the things that you don’t find useful anymore you can help someone who can actually find those things helpful and useful for its own purpose. So, there you go. By helping yourself you can help others as well. All of this mentioned doesn’t have to go by this order. You should know what you will move first. It’s better to move larger items first, like furniture and with relocating the furniture, will help you the movers you have found. After that, you have finished one big part of work. Now you can dedicate yourself to the moving of smaller objects. What is fun about moving is that while unpacking the boxes you can already create a schedule around your new home.

Do I really need to hire movers?

You are moving only two blocks down. You are moving only one hour away from your current home. You are moving three miles away. Do you really need to hire movers? Can you move all by using your own vehicle or with a friend? The answer is no. You should definitely hire a mover’s company. You cannot move all by yourself or with a help of a friend, even if it’s only a couple of miles away. By hiring a moving company, you can be sure that all of your items will be transferred to your new place in a timely manner without any inconveniences you may experience when moving alone.

You may think that if you do all by yourself it will be better and you will be more careful with your things than someone else you are wrong. Finding verified movers and arranging the right price for their service will make your life so much easier. They will move everything without a fault and once it’s all finished you will be well rested for everything that comes after the move. Let’s call it a fun part. Unpacking of the boxes and create a new place for your belongings.  In addition to everything that has been said so far there are also some tips for preparing your vehicle for a move. You will find those pieces of advice quite useful, in case you plan on moving your car with yourself. 

What more can I do?

Even when you hire some movers company, it’s a very good idea to borrow a van from some friend. Because moving companies when doing short distance moving’s are usually charging you per hour. Therefore, it is great if you can move smaller items with a borrowed van, therefore movers will charge you less because you will help them move you. Next thing you can do is something you can do days before your move. You can go around your new neighborhood and check out your new place. Even before you move you should get acquainted with the new place. See where the stores are, where is the gym, where is the best coffee place. It’s great that once you finish your move you already know where what around you is.

There are lots of tips that you can listen to, to make your move easier. Also, you can ask for advice from someone who moved a short distance before you. It is great when everything goes smoothly with the move and that is the way it will go if you follow these pieces of advice. Good luck and enjoy your new place!