Keyless Access Control Systems: The Future is Here

Ever since the first doors and windows emerged, we have had mechanical locks with metal keys, which have kept our valuables safe for thousands of years, and thanks to digital technology, bulky keys are no longer necessary.

Keyless Access Control Systems

These have been around for a few years already, and have mainly been used for business and commercial premises, with access controlled by passwords that are keyed into the pad, allowing authorised people access. There are such systems designed for domestic properties -and any reputable locksmith in Port Kennedy would be able to supply and install a keyless access control system in your home.

Password Protected

If every occupant has their own password, your home is secure, plus there are no bulky keys to carry around, which can easily be misplaced. The passwords are easy to configure and you can create or change as many as you wish, and it is also possible to make good use of biometric technology, with fingerprint or retina scans, which makes access even more convenient. Using a fingerprint scan, for example, means the person doesn’t even have to remember their password, they simply press their finger on the receptor pad and they can gain entry.

Home Security

Your local locksmith is the ideal person to consult if you are unhappy with your home security, as he or she would be very knowledgeable regarding domestic security systems. If, for example, you wanted to change some of your old locks that have seen better days, why not ask the locksmith to quote for installing a keyless access control system? That means you are finished with bulky metal keys, which are easily misplaced.

Front Gate Security

If your property has an electric gate at the entrance, you can install a camera and a two-way communication platform that allows you to see and talk to any visitors prior to opening the gate. Indeed, all your security solutions can be tailored to fit the property, and your local locksmith can supply & install any security system.

Keyless access control systems are most definitely here to stay and if you have yet to make the switch from traditional to digital locking, a Google search will help you locate a nearby locksmith who can show you the many options with keyless access control. Once the system is in place, you will never again have to worry about losing your keys, and it won’t be long before we are all using this technology.




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