How To Effectively Use A Power Washer

Power washing and pressure washing are mostly used to mean the same thing. Both use high-pressure water spray; the only difference is that a power washer uses heated water. A power pressure washer is in essence a gas or electric motor that powers a compressor to thrust the Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), by 60 or 80 times, of water from the hose.

Power washing is the most viable choice when you are need to wash or clean your rough and stained outdoor spaces or objects like concrete surfaces, parking garages and buildings. It can also be used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, chewing gum from surfaces and objects.

Why you should use a power washing machine

The benefit of using heated water compared to cold water to clean is that hot water facilitates an efficient deep clean. A power washer will give you a fast, low-cost and high quality cleaning.

However, there are a number of factors you will need to consider before and when using a power washer:

  1. Safety Measures

When using a power pressure washer, you need to take safety measures to avoid harming yourself or another person. Because this is hot and high pressurized water, it is likely to cause harm – the materials that get out due to high pressure may bounce to your eyes. Therefore, you must always wear safety glasses before you undertake cleaning. For your general body safety, put on waterproof clothing and boots. You also should not point the spray nozzle at someone. High pressure can also cause the scraping off and wearing out of the soft surface being cleaned. When using detergents and bleach, do not use chlorine bleach because it will damage your washer and the plants nearby. Use oxygen-based bleach.

  1. The Size of Nozzles

You will need to consider the appropriate nozzle for proper and efficient use of a pressure washer. A nozzle determines the spray pattern you will use. The wider th nozzle, the less intense the pressure. When you use a narrow nozzle, the higher pressure means you should exercise greater precaution because it can splinter and gouge out soft surfaces like wood. Make sure you find the right cleaning range.

3. Buying or renting

You should highly consider whether to buy your own power washer or just rent it. You will have to consider how many times you will use the washer in a year. Buying a new machine will roughly cost around $400, while renting for one day use will cost about $75. If you purchase a new washer, you will also incur the costs of oil, gas, and maintenance and you will use it twice a year, for a period four years. It is wise to rent, when you need to clean with one.

For tough-to-clean outdoor spaces, you should consider using a power washing machine. You will save time and have great results.