How To Buy The Perfect Wooden Centre Table

A statement centre table is the focal point of a living room. While choosing and buying a centre table for the interior design of a home, you should put some thought into it. Always ensure that it matches the design of your living room and complements the look of the other furniture pieces in the room. With so many centre table designs, shapes, sizes, and styles available in the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice to one. If you are not sure how to buy the perfect wooden centre table while designing your living room, here are a few tips to assist you:

01 of 06 Set a budget

Before making any purchase, you should always set a budget. This will help to ensure that you do not cross your financial limitations. Many attractive wooden centre tables feature very intricate and elaborate designs. They have a luxurious appeal and add to the room’s aesthetic beauty. Such wooden centre tables can be very expensive. Their cost also depends on the type of material used, the size, design, and finish. A centre table can cost anywhere between 3,500 to 90,000.

02 of 06 The function of the furniture

Although centre tables appear the same as coffee tables, they are quite different. Centre tables should have the same length as the sofa or any seating space around them. Mostly, centre tables a preferred in front of long sofas. You can use it to store various items like magazines, TV remote, etc. Placing decor items on the centre table is a great option as well. On the other hand, coffee tables are available in mostly round and oval shapes. These tables have the same height as the seating space and are placed right next to it. These are used mainly for serving tea and snacks.

03 of 06 Type of material used to manufacture

The material used in the manufacturing process has a huge impact on the quality and properties of the product. Besides enhancing its appeal, the material also determines the lifetime of the product. If you are investing in a statement centre table, make sure that it is made of durable materials. Otherwise, it may start showing signs of wearing off in a few years. Also, you should choose a material keeping your home decor design in mind. Some commonly used materials for wooden centre tables are Beech wood, solid wood, Acacia wood, MDF, mango wood, Sheesham wood, high-grade engineered wood, and particle board.

04 of 06 The type of finish required

Besides the material used in the manufacturing process, the finish enhances the durability of the product as well. It acts as a protective layer and prevents the material from getting damaged. Moreover, the type of finish you choose for the centre table has a huge impact on the overall interior design of your home. There are plenty of options you can choose from like a matte finish, paint, polish, laminate, melamine coating, glossy finish, UV finish, and veneer.

05 of 06 Design and styles

The design and style of the wooden centre table will have a huge impact on the room’s appearance. Hence, choosing the right centre table is very crucial while designing your living room. Moreover, you have to think about its placement. If you can place it strategically, it will become the focus of the living room.

Wooden centre tables are available in both contemporary and traditional designs. You can easily find both modern sleek designs and elaborate traditional designs. Moreover, you also have to think about the shape of the wooden centre table. Commonly, square, hexagonal, rectangular, round, and oval shapes are found in living room designs. Further, you have to consider the storage options you want. You will find different storage solutions like pull-out drawers, open and closed shelves, lift up storage, etc.

06 of 06 Always check the warranty

Before buying any piece of furniture, it is very important to check the warranty of the product. In case the wooden centre table gets damaged within a very short period of time, you will have to make a lot of expenses for repairing or replacing the item. To avoid such unnecessary expenses while designing your living room, it is always better to opt for products that come with a warranty