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Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Home

Painting your home can be a daunting task, but it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to make a big impact on the look and feel of your space. Not only will home painting give your home a fresh new look, but it can also help protect your walls from damage and increase its overall value. Here are seven reasons why you should consider painting your home.

  1. Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal – A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the exterior of your home and make it stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. Whether you choose a bright colour or something more subtle, you’ll be sure to turn some heads with a new paint job. You can select the right kind of colour shade for your home with the use of Asian Paints shade cards.
  2. Protect Your Walls from Damage – Paint acts as a protective barrier between your walls and any potential damage that may occur over time. This includes scratches, dings, dirt, stains, and moisture damage that could lead to costly repairs down the line.
  3. Make It Easier to Clean – Painting allows you to choose paints that are easier to clean than other materials like wallpaper or tile. Paints now come in stain-resistant finishes that make them easier to wipe down when necessary instead of having to repaint every time something gets dirty or stained.
  4. Hide Imperfections – If your walls have any imperfections such as cracks or uneven surfaces, home painting is an easy way to cover them up without having to do extensive repairs or renovations. You can also use paint with texture if you want something more than just a flat finish on your walls.
  5. Increase Your Home’s Value – Updating the interior and exterior of your home with new paint can increase its market value significantly if you ever decide to sell in the future. Potential buyers will appreciate seeing a well-maintained property that looks great inside and out!
  6. Save Money on Utilities – Certain types of paint are designed specifically for energy efficiency by reflecting heat away during hot summer days and keeping heat inside during cold winter nights. By applying these kinds of paints, you can save money on utility bills over time! You can also check the Asian Paints colour price for the suitable types of colours for your home.
  7. Create Visual Interest– Home painting creates visual interest in any room by adding texture, colour, pattern, etc., which helps create more inviting spaces and makes them feel more comfortable for everyone who lives there!

Painting doesn’t have to be scary; it is quite simple if you know what you’re doing! Taking the time now will save you money later on costly repairs or replacements so don’t hesitate any longer and start planning out how you want to update the look of your home today! There are so many different options available when it comes to painting, you are sure to find something perfect for every room in no time at all!

Asian Paints provides free colour consultation online that you can use to select the right drawing room paints for your house. Asian Paints provides colour experts and unique visualisation technology that will help you to choose the right colours from the Asian Paints shade card. You can use the colour consultation service for house painting online for free, try now!

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A Rug Shopper’s Guide For Browsing Through Online Rug Stores

Most people are shopping and purchasing area rugs online today in 2023, and this means that rug shoppers everywhere need to be savvy when it comes to comparing and browsing through seemingly endless online inventories.

Your home’s décor simply isn’t complete without rugs, and we’ve partnered up with a Charlotte NC rug store that offers a gigantic online marketplace to help you when it comes to figuring out your best ways to browse for rugs online. There are so many online rug vendors out there today to the point that this type of online shopping can become rather overwhelming, so we’re narrowing down our rug shopper’s guide to make online rug shopping a lot easier on you!

Considerations To Keep In Mind Prior To Online Rug Shopping

A lot of people understandably don’t know where to start when they’re in the beginning stages of online rug shopping, but we of course all know the basic criteria of shopping: color, size and materials.

What’s great about shopping for area rugs online is that you can utilize a site’s search filters to more efficiently narrow your search only to what you’re specifically looking for. This means you can make the proper measurements, understand your room’s existing aesthetics, and then adjust your online searches for specific sizes and colors.

And if certain rug materials speak to you, then you can also often filter your search to only show you specific materials. But one of the best things an online rug shopper can do to save time is to keep several shopping considerations in mind and make the most of search filters!

Rug Shape & Size

Size is always a huge factor to keep in mind while you’re browsing for rugs online, and it just so happens to be something that a lot of online shoppers forget about until it’s too late. Bigger typically is better when it comes to rug shopping, but of course you’ll have to ensure that your new rug will fit correctly within your desired space. A lot of people are purchasing smaller rugs in 2023 as accent pieces, and this includes runner rugs that are often used in narrower household areas.

Rug shape has also recently become a major online shopping factor, because people simply want more variation from the traditional, rectangle rugs we’re all accustomed to. These days a lot of online shoppers are choosing round rugs, as well as square and other non-traditional shapes. Runner rugs are also non-traditional area rug shapes that are wildly popular, and this is because they’re so versatile for every household.

Rug Styles & Materials

The majority of online rug shoppers will primarily focus on a rug’s color and style, and they’ll often neglect materials. This is largely because you can’t technically feel a rug while shopping online, but this doesn’t mean that this crucial factor should be ignored!

There are many different rug materials out there that can make or break these types of home décor investments. Some rug materials are more durable than others, and some require less maintenance. The odds are that you’re going to be choosing between natural rug fibers (wool, silk, cotton, etc.) and synthetic fibers (polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, etc.).

Natural fibers tend to be more durable and require less cleaning, but synthetic fibers are always more affordable. So choosing your next area rug’s material will go hand-in-hand with your overall budget.

You’re also going to need to keep your new rug’s style in mind, and our best tip is to choose a style that matches your furniture (and speaks to your personality).

Don’t Forget To Consider Rug Pile As Well!

A rug’s pile refers to its overall thickness or density, and this is a huge consideration to keep in mind while online shopping. Sometimes it’s difficult to grasp a rug’s pile while browsing through online inventories, but getting this shopping factor wrong can be a big mistake.

Low-pile area rugs will subsequently have short fibers, which is why these rugs are often placed in household areas with high foot traffic. Low-pile rugs are also always placed underneath doorways for proper clearance.

High-pile rugs will have longer fibers, and the most popular style would be shag rugs within this industry niche. So as is easy to imagine, high-pile rugs tend to be more difficult to clean and vacuum, and they’re typically placed in cozy parts of a home like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Contact The Charlotte NC Rug Store Experts at Rug Source To Learn More Online Rug Shopping Tips!

There’s so much that online rug shoppers need to keep in mind while they’re narrowing down their top options, but the good news is that you never have to do online rug shopping on your own.

All of the best online rug vendors provide customer support to help answer your questions and concerns, and Rug Source just so happens to be one of the top online rug outlets in America due to their impeccable customer care record.

You can learn more online rug shopping tips by going through the link at the top of the article to the Rug Source website and speaking with their esteemed specialists today!

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Bathroom Backsplash Trends To Look Out For In 2022

The bathroom is not just a place to clean and bathe. Modern bathrooms are much more than that. It is a place to relax and unwind. Hence, you should create neat and appealing bathroom designs. Just make sure you choose all the elements wisely, starting from the colours and textures to the materials. Given the number of varieties available in the market, you can easily find options that match your style and preferences. You can choose to experiment with various options and explore new ideas as well.

There are many trends you should look out for in 2022. However, one particular trend that caught everyone’s attention is the bathroom backsplash. Although they were always quite popular, modern bathroom backsplashes are an upgrade you cannot just miss. Here are a few modern bathroom backsplash designs you can consider in 2022:

01 of 07 Contrasting grouts

The grouts were once considered a problem. Experts often used white cement to keep them hidden. However, this modern bathroom backsplash idea will not only solve the problem but also make them more visually interesting. Instead of trying to keep the grouts out of focus, you should consider highlighting them. This one small change can make your bathroom design more striking. All you have to do is add a contrasting colour to the ground. The contrasting combination will instantly make your bathroom design more dramatic. Moreover, you do not have to worry about making a lot of expenses to give your bathroom interiors this visually appealing look.

02 of 07 Mosaic tiles

When thinking about bathroom backsplash designs, one of the first things that come to mind is mosaic tiles. They have been used in home designs for centuries and are perfect for creating your bathroom backsplash. One of the best things about using them is that you can experiment with different ideas. Their versatility makes them perfect for many different bathroom decor designs. Choosing contrasting colour tiles for creating your backsplash is a brilliant idea. It will make your bathroom visually striking. However, you can opt for symmetry as well.

03 of 07 Choose terrazzo tiles

Traditionally, terrazzo tiles were chosen by homeowners who wanted a budget-friendly bathroom decor design. However, those days are long gone. Modern terrazzo bathroom tile designs can help to create amazing bathroom backsplash designs as well. This is because you can now easily find them in many different colours and patterns. As a result, you get the freedom to give your bathroom interior design any look you want. Experts often play with colours to give the bathroom interiors an artistic look. Depending on the colours of the tiles, you can pick the rest of the colours in your bathroom. This will give the space a more unified and balanced look.

04 of 07 Use stone

Stone is considered a luxurious option. Using stone in your bathroom can surely increase your expenses but add a touch of luxury as well. It is a fascinating material that many people love using for bathroom backsplash. Moreover, you get different options, each with a different look and feel. From marble and granite to slate and quartzite, there are lots of options available to take your bathroom interior design to the next level.

05 of 07 Opt for bricks

Not everyone likes a modern bathroom design. Some people prefer a rustic approach over a modern appearance. Using exposed brick tiles for creating the bathroom backsplash is a great idea for this purpose. This bathroom tile design will give the bathroom interiors a bold appearance. However, do not leave them alone. Add a few similar elements to bathroom interiors as well for a balanced appearance. Also, you get the option to give them a whitewash for a refined look. However, many homeowners skip it for a more natural look.

06 of 07 Mix different elements

As mentioned earlier, you can experiment with the backsplash design. Hence, you do not have to follow uniformity as well. Instead, you can just mix and match different elements and create an interesting bathroom backsplash design. A very popular combination often seen in the bathroom backsplash is glazed tiles in plain colours and mosaic tiles. According to experts, shades of blue, sea green, or black and white work best for this. Similarly, you can combine other elements as well. For instance,  a combination of rough stone and glossy tiles can do wonders for your bathroom backsplash.

07 of 07 Choose ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have been popularly used for various purposes. Although these tiles may not be considered the most popular material for the bathroom backsplash, you can surely consider using them. There are many stunning bathroom backsplash designs you can create using ceramic tiles as well. Experts often use the tiles to give the space an artistic look by cutting them diagonally and arranging them in a particular manner.

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Four Common Signs That You May Need A Water Heater Replacement!

Although it’s always a bummer when you need to invest in a water heater replacement, it’s simply something that everyone needs to do every now and again. Our water heaters are one of the most important plumbing appliances within our homes, and they simply don’t last forever.

We’ve teamed up with the water heater experts at Beehive Plumbing to develop this list of four very common warning signs indicating that you may need a new water heater. These red flags are something that everyone should be looking out for on a regular basis, and catching some of these signs can potentially save you thousands!

Four Water Heater Replacement Warning Signs

Most people don’t even think about their water heaters because they simply work well and there’s nothing to worry about, until something comes up. It’s difficult for the average homeowner to know when they need to invest in a new water heater system, but the below warning signs will help you know when it’s time to call in professional plumbers and have your unit checked out.

Your Water Heater Is Simply Getting Pretty Old

Most water heaters these days will be able to last at least 10 years, but some will be capable of lasting up to around 20 years. So if your system is around 15 years old, then it’s simply time to start thinking about getting a new system. Your always going to be putting your water heater system through a lot on a daily basis, and without routine maintenance and upkeep, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into issues.

Be sure to check your unit’s serial number to verify its age if you’re not sure, which you should be able to find around the top of your unit.

Your Water Heater Is Making Abnormal Noises

Although your water heater is definitely going to make noises as its properly functioning, older water heaters tend to start making stranger sounds with age. This is partly due to a variety of issues, but one common culprit is sediment buildup that’s been neglected for too long. This type of issue leads to rumbling and banging sounds inside your water heater tank.

Although sediment buildup and certain sounds can be repaired by an experienced technician, there are certain warning sounds that indicate it’s time to think about a replacement unit.

Your Home’s Tap Water Is Rusty

Another common sign connected to water heater replacements is when your home’s tap water is rusty looking. This can be due to corrosion or metal being found within your water heater tank or water supply lines, but it nevertheless is concerning and poses serious health risks.

Sometimes a zinc anode rod can fix this type of issue, but sometimes its actually more cost-effective to invest in a new water heater altogether.

Your Hot Water Supply Doesn’t Last Like It Used To

If your hot showers don’t last like they truly ought to and you’re barely getting cleaned before cold water kicks in, then it’s a sign that your water heater has lost its overall efficiency. This could be due to some of the above warning signs we mentioned, including age and sediment buildup.

When you aren’t getting enough hot water to meet your daily needs, it’s a red flag that your water heater is actually on the verge of failing. However, it’s important to note that a new water heater might not solve all your issues regarding household demand, and it could be a good idea to consider a tankless water heater for your home so you don’t have to ever worry about your hot water supply running out!

Reach Out To Your Local Water Heater Replacement Experts To Learn More!

Every community has water heater specialists that they can turn to when something goes wrong with their system, and the above warning signs are really just the beginning in terms of everything you need to be looking out for.

The best thing you can always do for your water heater system is invest in routine checkup appointments with your trusted plumbing team, and always speak with professionals when you notice something is wrong with your water heater!

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