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Home cleaning in Singapore with Whissh

Home cleaning in Singapore is a regular routine that all households need to perform on a consistent basis. As all of us recognise, cleanliness is integral to a healthy and comfortable living environment. However, it is not always the case that a homeowner is able or willing to perform such cleaning services on his own. Under certain circumstances, it is a viable option to hire a home cleaning service in Singapore. Several exceptional situations that would render a home cleaning service in Singapore a wise choice are as follows. Perhaps you are a busy professional who has little time to spend on household chores. Perhaps you are busy with other commitments that are taking up the majority of the time you have available. Or perhaps you simply wish for a change, and wish to not need to do such household chores yourself. Perhaps you are preparing for Christmas, Chinese New Year or any other significant event, and find that the requisite amount of cleaning work to be done is simply too much for you to handle on your own. Perhaps you just finished moving house, or renovating your house, or doing any other activity in your house that produces a significant amount of leftover dust and debris. In these cases, it can be highly beneficial for you to source for professional help in restoring your house to its clean and rightful state.

At Whissh, we offer home cleaning in Singapore tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you wish for someone to regularly perform a routine and general cleaning service for your house, or need a large-scale and specialised task force for a difficult cleaning job, we have your needs covered. No matter how small or large the cleaning job that you require, we will offer professional and meticulous service at a competitive and reasonable price. We embody five professional values in our work to our clients: professionalism, respect, diligence, quality of work, and being service oriented. Combined, it means that in our Singapore home cleaning services, we perform every task to the best of our ability, pay careful attention to details, and anticipate, recognise and exceed our clients’ needs. In these ways, our Singapore home cleaning services aim to be a league above the competition by being efficient, effective and client-oriented.

We offer one-time Singapore home cleaning services from $30/hour, recurring cleaning services from $23/hour, and move in/move out cleaning services from $35/hour. Should you have any special needs or larger-scale cleaning task, feel free to make an enquiry at or +65 6221 8626. We look forward to hearing from you, and will respond to any enquiries received within the same working day.