Heating and Cooling Specialists Information

Many homeowners are looking for help with their heating and cooling needs because the service they currently have is causing their utility bills to soar during extreme weather conditions.  Homeowners are seeking a better quality of living, as well as cleaner air within their homes.  They are not aware that leaky ductwork within their HVAC system may be contributing to their sky high utility bills.

The homeowner is told that their HVAC system is in working condition when a specialist comes out to inspect it; however, what is often the cause of the high utility usages is that the crawlspace within the attic and wall cavities where the system is installed has leaks which is allowing all that cool area to escape and not go into the designated rooms of your home, therefore costing you the extra expense of having to run the HVAC unit longer than you should.

Just how bad is my duct system leaking?

Well according to a number one energy efficient company called ENERGY STAR, it has found that your homes ducts are losing 20 to 30 percent of its cool air through leaky ducts or badly put together ducts.

When your duct system has a leak in it, several problems can result.  Your home may not cool or heat evenly—one room may appear comfortable while the other rooms are very cold or hot, depending on the weather conditions.  A leaky duct system may also allow pollutants to come inside your home such as dust or harmful fumes, and you do not want to expose your loved ones to anything dangerous while they are at play or sleeping.

How can I get my leaky ductwork fixed?

The first step you need to do is have your duct work inspected to ensure there is not some other underlying problem causing the issue.  Some areas for apprehension can also be:

  • Ducts that are not the correct size
  • Some of the ducts have collapsed
  • Or the seams of the ducts have become loose or disconnected

How can you get a good inspection on the ducts in your HVAC system?  By calling on an HVAC professional that has a trusted reputation and will give you a quality inspection of the unit.

How can I ensure I am getting the best procedure done to seal my leaky ducts?

Leaky ducts can be sealed in several ways with several different sealants:  mastic, tape and aerosol sealants.  Only after have a qualified HVAC inspector check over your unit will you be certain which sealant is best for your unit.

  • When using mastic as a sealant, you will have to brush it on the leak and once it is dried it should seal the leak.
  • If you are going with a tape to seal the leak, know that the metal tapes are much more efficient than fabric tapes.
  • Aerosol sealants are handy because they are capable of sealing areas you cannot see.

However you go about sealing the leaky ducts in your HVAC system, ensure that you call on a professional heating and cooling specialist first, to make certain that a leaky duct system is your only worry.