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Growing Plants in the Windowsill with Shutters

Today, people have an increased awareness of the world around them due to the internet and expanding television coverage. Therefore, many people are becoming more conscious of the environment as well. A movement has begun among many people to consume less energy and reduce the kilometres of their food. Reducing food kilometres or food miles is a worthwhile endeavour for many people.

In the context of conservation, food kilometres are the distance that food travels before it gets to your plate. Food imported from other states or countries consumes a lot of fossil fuels to arrive on your plate. Furthermore, when you purchase imported foods, you fail to support your local economy and agriculture.

Reducing food kilometres is important. Interestingly, you have a golden opportunity to do so. In fact, you have multiple opportunities, and they are available at your home.

Shutters and Windows

Your windows are a great place to grow herbs and small vegetables. You may not be able to grow more than one or two small tomato plants in your window, but even meagre results are enough to greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed in your home. Naturally grown produce also reduces the kilometres of your food to zero.

If you want to grow food in your window, herbs are a great choice. You need a south-facing window for any plant that requires a lot of sunshine. If you are growing a shade-grown plant, other windows will work as well.

The biggest problem when growing plants in your windows is closing your windows. You obviously need to allow sunlight in to grow the plants. However, you need to be able to close your window when you want. If you have plants in the window, you would have to move them every time you wanted to open or close your curtains. Roller shutters solve that problem.

Rolling Your Shutters

If you can roll your shutters, you do not have to worry about moving your plants when you want to open or close your windows. The shutters do not take up any valuable space when open or closed. They go up and down rather than out, which will ease the opening and closing process and keep your home safe.

It is important to have the ability to close your windows whenever necessary, so your plants will remain healthy. Much like yourself or your pets, your plants grow to expect a routine. They expect to be watered at a certain time and to have a certain amount of sunlight. In fact, many plants actually require a certain amount of darkness in order to grow and flourish.

The darkness allows plants to repair and change, similar to how sleep recharges humans or animals. You need to keep a regular schedule for them, as well. Therefore, you need to be able to easily roll your shutters up or down. It is vitally important to the health of your plants that you can easily control the amount of light they receive.

Shutters that roll up and down are great because they allow you to control the light and secure your home.