Creative Homes: Bed room Designs

For most homeowners, a beautiful house is something worth coming home to. This is the reason why a lot of people invest money and time in creating their perfect abode. A cozy living area and a furnished kitchen is the dream of many homemakers. Because of this, the bedroom usually becomes neglected. While it is mainly used for sleeping, bedroom designs which turn it into a more functional space are becoming particularly popular especially for those individuals who like to lounge in their private quarters. Adding furniture pieces such as tables, chairs and probably a couple of drawers and cabinets can update the look of the room while adding functionality to it.

Bedroom designs should show individuality and allow one to express their creativity and style. This is a personal space where one should be comfortable. Furniture should also follow the same scheme. Adding furniture pieces that match the personality of the occupant should be carefully considered. For instance, adding wicker furniture pieces is ideal for those who love the tropical feel. Throwing in some light-finished wooden cabinets can add to the beach house theme. There are also wicker baskets designed as drawers which can match the other furniture pieces. They are usually designed to stack together to save space.

Zen bedroom designs are also becoming popular for its simplicity and uncluttered look. They are ideal for individuals who want a peaceful atmosphere. The colors are usually dominated by white and black with some splashes of neutrals. Drapes in crisp whites are a must for this theme. A low bed is also a key to achieving this design. Adding lampshades with bold colors are useful in providing additional lighting and an attractive focal point. Wooden cabinets with oriental details can also add to the zen appeal of the room. Furniture pieces using organic materials such as bamboo, wicker and seagrass are commonly used for this design.

There are still other bedroom designs that can be applied in most houses. The most important thing to consider is the available space. When adding furniture pieces, they should fit the area otherwise the room will get too crowded and will defeat the purpose of making it more livable. Furniture should also be durable to last. A visit to local furniture shops can yield a variety of results. There are also numerous sites on the internet that offer a range of furniture items which can be ideal for the chosen theme.