Choosing Artwork For Your Home

How to select artwork for your home

A room design always appears complete when empty walls get artwork. It’s not as simple as picking your favorite art from a vendor; there are some aspects to look into when selecting the right piece for your wall. Where you place,it varies given there are several places in a house that would be enhanced from such décor.

There are different things to look into before heading to a store. Where the painting goes, the color of the existing wall, the size of artwork, if it’s unframed or framed and the number of artworks is some factors to outline as you prepare to add these decorations to your home. It requires careful planning lest your home ends up looking like a home catalog. Here are some steps to take.

Know where the artwork goes

Make a note of all the places and rooms that require artworks. If you need to visualize where they go, you can look up measurements on the wall and use colored tape to give you a mental picture of what to expect. The location will help you know if you need a painting or a framed print. Large, eye-catching paintings typically go above fireplaces or a bed to enhance the otherwise empty place. Plain walls such as one part of a room or hallways can benefit from the same or a number of small paintings placed.

Consider the wall

You ought to look at the color of the wall before getting any artwork. If you have bold prints and colors in that room, note the prominent ones and consider having those in the painting. For small pieces, make sure they work well together. You might want to buy them piecemeal,so you don’t end up having a clashing wall. The lighting also matters; residential skylights and a dark corridor require different paintings.

Figure out what you like

There are a lot of choices when it comes to getting them something to hang on a wall. There are intricate prints, abstract acrylic paintings, and traditional oil on canvas or even mixed media. If you’re unsure of what you like, you can do some window shopping, online or in a store, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the endless choices. Ideal places to go too is the museum and art galleries and keep an eye out for hangings in shop, restaurants, shops and other public spaces for inspiration. You don’t have to purchase it from a high-end gallery, visit the local exhibiting or other galleries run by charities. You never know what you might find.

Wrap up

Once you have an idea what you like, ensure that the frames also match the décor. When your friends and family visit, they’ll be able to see your personality through the artwork.