A complete guide to wood polishing

Do you have wooden furniture in your house which are old but you don’t have the heart to give them away as they make you feel nostalgic? If yes, then a great way to breathe back life into your dull wooden pieces is by polishing them.

Never tried wood polishing before? Fret no, here is a comprehensive guide that will help you learn everything you need to know about wood polishing.

Which finish to choose?

If you want a matte finish, then opt for something like Melamine polishes, whereas if you want a shiny finish go for varnishes or polyurethane polishes.
For those of you’ll who want a rich, darker wood finish, varnish, shellac and lacquer are your best bets. These finishes deepen with time and look realistic and chic.
However, keep in mind that these finishes are not easy to apply and might require you to hire a professional.

How to polish the right way?

  • Before you open the can of wood polish, you must clean the surface to ensure that there is no dust or wax buildup.
  • Take a small amount on a rag and wipe it on the surface. Don’t overpolish because then it will be difficult for you to remove the excess wax after it dries off completely.
  • If you are using flammable finishes like varnish, then ensure you are using it in a small amount. Use them carefully from the can and seal them after you are done. Remember to dispose of them responsibly as they may cause an accidental fire.
  • For those looking for a natural wood polish, use a concoction of olive oil and vinegar to bring the shine back on your wood furniture.

8 things to keep in mind while choosing a wood finish

  1. Keep in mind your requirement

Before you go wood polish shopping, know which wooden surface you want to polish and what kind of final effect you are looking for.  Do you want a glossier look or something subdued and natural?

  1. Find out the original finish

If you want to restore your furniture and make it look natural, then the best thing to do is to find out the original finish used and use the same finish again. Seek help from the professional at Asian Paints if you are clueless about which finish will suit your furniture the best.

  1. Keep in mind the location

Outdoor furniture is exposed to humidity and sunlight, unlike indoor furniture. Hence, keep in mind these environmental factors before you decide on a finish.

  1. Gather the tools

Since your hands are going to be full when you start with the project, gather all the tools you would require. Some of the common tools you must keep with you are brushes, rags, newspapers, sandpaper and a wood primer.

  1. Wear protective gears

It is essential to wear gloves, glasses and a face mask to protect yourself from the toxic fumes which varnishes and paint thinners emit. Choose an oil-based finish if you want to go the sustainable, eco-friendly way.

  1. Choose a simple method

If you have decided to go the DIY way, then it is advisable to stick to the traditional ‘wipe and wipe off polish’ method instead of opting for a complicated polishing technique.

  1. Don’t apply the wood finish directly

You should never apply the wood finish directly on the surface and instead use a clean, dry rag cloth. Once it dries off, wipe off the excess finish with a clean rag.

  1. Maintain your furniture

Your hard work will go to waste if you don’t maintain your furniture pieces after polishing them. Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner and periodically dust your furniture to keep them clean and dust-free. You can also consider placing your wooden furniture on a rug to ensure that they don’t get scratched every time to move them.

You can revamp your old furniture and make them look brand new by polishing them correctly with the right wood polish.
Visit the Asian Paints website to buy wood primers, wood polishes and everything you need for your next DIY wood polishing project.

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Pros And Cons Of Open And Closed Kitchens

Designing your kitchen properly will help to ensure that it is not only appealing but functional as well. Depending on your preferences, you can either opt for an open kitchen design or a closed kitchen design. Both types have various benefits and negatives. Before making the decision, you must be aware of these advantages and disadvantages. It will help to make a better judgement. If you are not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both kitchen designs, mentioned below are a few.

Open kitchen design

More and more homeowners are opting for an open kitchen design in modern homes and apartments. This type of kitchen design has a more informal look and does not have walls separating it from the rest of the home. Also, it gives more visibility into the apartment.

The advantages of an open kitchen design

Mentioned below are a few advantages of an open kitchen design:

  • An open kitchen design is not only more productive but entertaining as well. It allows you to stay engaged in conversation with people sitting in the living room while preparing a meal. As a result, the person cooking in the kitchen does not feel left out from family time.
  • If you have kids at home, keeping an eye on them can get difficult from the kitchen if it is closed. An open kitchen design will allow you to manage the meals and watch your kids at the same time. You can even interact with them and help them to complete their homework.
  • There is sufficient space for the smooth flow of traffic even when more than two or three people are present in the kitchen. You can create a few seating spots for others to sit.
  • Since there are no walls or obstacles in an open kitchen design, more natural light can enter indoors. Hence, the interiors appear brighter and more spacious.

The disadvantages of an open kitchen design

Although it is a great option, this design may not be suitable for everyone. Some people prefer a closed design. Here are a few disadvantages of an open kitchen design:

  • An open kitchen design does not offer you privacy. Some homeowners prefer having some privacy while cooking meals.
  • Since there are fewer walls in an open kitchen design, you do not have space to create storage. As a result, you will not be able to store all your kitchen essentials in the kitchen. Going out of the kitchen time and again to get something will waste a lot of time.
  • Smoke, smells, and grimes are produced while cooking. Since there are no walls, they can spread throughout your house. You will have to make additional expenses for installing a chimney to take the smoke out of the kitchen.
  • Further, many noises are made while cooking as well. You cannot stop them. Your guests sitting in the living room can easily hear the noises.

Closed kitchen design

The closed kitchen design has been followed for a very long time. In this type of kitchen design, you can ensure more privacy and isolation. All professional kitchens have a closed design. They look good in both traditional and modern setups.

The advantages of a closed kitchen design

A closed kitchen design is preferred because of numerous reasons. Mentioned below are a few:

  • The kitchen is one of the places in your home that gets cluttered very fast. You do not want the clutter to stay visible from your living room or dining room. Since closed kitchens have walls, the clutter is not visible from outside the kitchen.
  • Since there are walls, you can create more storage. It facilitates the installation of various kitchen appliances as well. Hence, your kitchen design will not only be aesthetically appealing but highly functional as well.
  • Noises or smells cannot escape the kitchen when cooking.

The disadvantages of a closed kitchen design

Even though it has some great benefits, the closed kitchen design can be an issue in some cases:

  • The closed kitchen design does not allow you to connect the dining space with the kitchen.
  • The person preparing the meal gets separated from the rest of the people. You cannot communicate with the other people seated in the living or dining space.
  • It cannot hold more than two or three people unless it is quite large.
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Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets Around the House


When your dryer is broken, you can get it repaired by a professional by searching for “dryer repair near me”.  However, what about the dryer sheets? Dryer sheets used to be laundry exclusives. Not anymore! While the primary purpose of dryer sheets is to maintain the fluff of your fabric and reduce static, they can be used for several other purposes. Let’s check out some useful alternative uses for dryer sheets around the house:

The Uses

  1. Cleaning shoes – Shorts and tennis shoes can get very filthy and smelly over time. Dryer sheets can be used to clean them and get rid of the foul smell. You can get rid of the smell by inserting dryer sheets inside shoes and letting them sit inside overnight. For small footwear like ladies’ stilettos and kid’s shoes, half a dryer sheet is enough.

Dryer sheets can also be used to clean the dirt off the outer soles, restore grip and get rid of the squeaky noises. Rub the bottom of outer rubber soles with dryer sheets and the fibrous residue would stop the squeaky noise when you walk on smooth solid floors.

  1. Remove pet hair from furniture and clothes – Dryer sheets are very porous and fibrous and that’s why they are very good at reducing static from fabric. The same property allows you to easily remove pet hair from your clothes and furniture.

Rub those sheets over the furniture fabric to loosen the hair. After that follow up with a clothes brush or lint roller to get rid of the hair. You can also dampen dryer sheets and use them to effectively remove dust and hair from shelves, books, fan blades, books, and even window screens. 

  1. Calm your pets – Storms are unpleasant. While lightning strikes do scare people, your pets are more vulnerable due to their heightened senses. Next time there is an electric storm, use plant-based unscented dryer sheets to rub the coat of your pet and calm them down. It’s important to choose an organic and chemical-free dryer sheet since your pets often lick their own fur.
  1. Scrub away stuck food from pots and pans – When you bake or cook on a pot or pan, charring and fat can leave some nasty residues that are hard to remove. Instead of scrubbing those pans rigorously, you can clean them the smart way. Get non-woven polyester dryer sheets, place them on the pan and fill it up with water. Let the sheets soak overnight.

Dryer sheets have a silicone coating that softens food crumbs and debris.  You’ll be surprised how easily you can wipe away those nasty residues in the morning. The gentle texture of the dryer sheet doesn’t leave scratches or any signs of damage on the pan either.

  1. Freshen luggage – Luggage and gym bags are often stuffed with dirty clothes that can leave a foul smell. When you tuck them away in the closet, the smell worsens. Instead, place a few dryer sheets inside the empty luggage to get rid of the musty smell and add a fresh scent. You can also use this trick to freshen up your smelly workout clothing.
  1. Add convenience to sewing and needling – While sewing it’s very frustrating when threads knot up. Dryer sheets to the rescue again. Fold a dryer sheet and run the thread between it before you start and sewing or needlework. This creates an inexpensive and effective system to keep the thread from tangling. Silicone coating on the dryer sheets prevents the thread from getting caught up and rubbing against itself.
  1. Clean dryer drum or an iron – Dryers can get very hot. Hot enough to melt gum, crayons, or stickers you may have left inside your trouser or shirt pocket. When they come out of the pockets inside the dryer, the hot air can melt them and make them stuck to your dryer drum. Take a dry and non-woven polyester dryer sheet and scrub away that gunk. The dryer sheet has a favorable texture to get rid of the stickiness without damaging the smooth finish inside the drum.

The same technique can be used to get rid of gunk from the bottom of your iron. Dampen a dryer sheet and rub it on the cold iron at the scorch marks and starch buildup. After that, heat the iron at a low setting and ruin it over paper towels to eliminate any residue.

  1. Make a bug repellent – Dryer sheets can also be very useful outside your home. When you go out camping or for other outdoor activities in the wild, you can use scented dryer sheets as bug repellants. You can rub them over your skin or tuck them over your socks, cuffs, and collars to keep the bugs away.
  1. Clean the car – Add dry polyester non-woven dryer sheets inside your car cleaning kit. You can use those dryer sheets to remove insects inside your car. Wet those sheets and remove bugs from the front grille and the windshield. The fabric has the perfect texture to scrub away bugs without damaging the paint or glass surface.
  1. Protect your plants – Gardeners painstakingly grow fresh produce in their backyard. The plants don’t just provide them with organic food, but also brighten their mood. A lot of care and time goes into growing your plants and it ruins your day when you find deer and critters munch on them.

Scented dryer sheets are a viable solution to this problem and some gardeners swear by it. Cut scented dryer sheets into thin strips and tie them on the tips of the foliage of your plants, shrubs, and trees. Make sure to stick to polyester sheets so that they don’t melt away in wet weather.


As you can see, dryer sheets can be used for a lot of things. From the laundry to the kitchen and even for sewing. On the other hand, you can repair your broken dryer by searching for “dryer repair near me” and hiring a reputed professional.

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What are the Different Types of Window Screens Available?

Windows can transform a room into a beautiful and well-ventilated area. Many homeowners can buy a small house but a beautiful view is something everyone longs for. Beautiful windows can immediately change the interior of a house. Choosing the right color and design can make a huge difference in the interior and exterior view of a house. At the same time, the correct selection of window screen parts will enhance the airflow, let in the natural sunlight and prevent outside elements.

Different types of window screens

  1. Fiberglass Window Screens: This type of window screen is the most common and heavily used in house or commercial places. The fiberglass is low maintenance and doesn’t corrode, stain, or rust. However, it’s less expensive compared to aluminum. One can get too many types of designs and styles to choose from. They are small enough to prevent the bugs from entering and also let in the breeze and natural sunlight.
  2. Aluminum Window Screens: This is a type of thin metal mesh that has an eye-catching look. Aluminum screens have a longer shelf-life than fiberglass and they are flexible enough. The price of this type of window screen is higher as compared to fiberglass. It will surely enhance the get-up of the room and there are several color options and designs available.
  3. Solar Window Screens: The natural sunlight is always great but the houses in warm areas may have the need to block the excessive sunlight from coming through the windows. This is why solar window screens are great to install to block out the heat of the sun. Adding solar screens will not only make the home comfortable but are also great for privacy. It is one of the best window screen parts for those living in warmer climates.
  4. Security Window Screens: Security cameras or alarm systems are not always enough to prevent any trespassers. This is why investing in a good quality security window screen is recommended. It will resist knives, crowbars, and other burglary tools.

Importance of Window Screens for a House

  1. Healthy living: House is the area where people spend most of their time. It’s important to have sufficient light in the house for healthy living. A house without much sunlight and natural air can be unhealthy for living. House owners looking for ways to make their homes energy-efficient, should choose the correct window screen.
  2. Enhancement of Visual Appearance: Windows screens can surely enhance the view of the house both from inside and outside. They will also complement the other elements of the house efficiently.
  3. Providing security and safety: Window screens play a vital role for the homeowner to provide them enough security and privacy.
  4. Energy efficiency: Technological advancement has made possible the windows to be more energy efficient. Energy-efficient window screens are double or triple glazed that block cold or hot air to pass through.

There are too many companies that provide different window screen parts to provide protection against dust, insects, etc. They can be used on windows, doors, porches, or any other larger openings. Reaching out to a trusted and experienced window screen service provider is always a better decision. Pleating, roller, or chain-based, choose a screen depending on the requirement and choice preference.

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Exploring the All-New Geodesic Domes for Modern Living

The concept of geodesic domes is not new but not many people are aware of it. This structure as the name suggests consists of geodesics. It is a straight-line series that is created on the space of curved space which at one point intersects with one another and creates a triangle. The architecture is indeed evolving and such domes are a fine example of it. There have been ancient pueblo villages or even the houseboats of modern times that have been a fine example of classic architecture. It represents the right functioning style with a great form that can ever be noticed. But not all homes have to be in the same concrete manner. There are new styles like such domes which can be fairly tried out.

The Existence of dome:

The geodesic domes are quite popular because of their design. It has a structure that is less stressful and is evenly distributed throughout the whole construction. This is the main reason why even when the limited materials are used, it seems to be quite strong. This dome came into existence in the year 1926 by the known German engineer of those days called Walther Bauersfeld but later it was the American architect R. Buckminster Fuller who gave this architecture a better life by bringing it into modern living.

The impeccable design-One of its own kind:

If the novelty part is kept aside, such domes are known to be the best solution for solving different challenges at the social and environmental levels. The focus of such a structure is to solve the common issues of the population that have been increasing every single day. It is one of the most affordable yet sustainable solutions that an individual can consider.

The design has more of a study arch. Thanks to its rigid triangle, the homes seem to be quite stronger than they would appear. Besides, it has been designed to withstand earthquakes, high wind, and heavy snow as well. This is the main reason why irrespective of any kind of environment, such a structure can survive the volatile climate and ensure better protection for a long time.

It is not just the strength or design that makes such geodesic domes unique from the rest. It is known to be one efficient solution an individual can afford. This means, because of its spherical nature, such a dome offers a better living space for the joint family. As it has the ratio of lower area to the volume it doesn’t really need much energy when it comes to cooling or heating.

Such types of houses are amazing also because very limited materials of building are used over the traditional ones. That means there is also a scope of using eco-friendly materials to build such houses. If budget is the constraint well such home is not pricey and can be the worth investment too.


Indeed, all such factors make geodesic domes one of their own kind. Those individuals who are looking forward to making some worthwhile investment can certainly consider such an option in the future and see the difference. It is one environmentally friendly home that has been trending and is budget-friendly too.

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The Best Way to Install Hardwood Floor

Wood floors are durable and beautiful, and very easy to install, which is why many people wonder how to install them on their own. No wonder; wood floors offer a wide range of aesthetic options with various wood floor finishes and are much more durable than other flooring options. These floors will suit just about any preference, taste, and circumstance, from wood species to hardwood finishes and floor patterns. If the installation of flooring is one of the options, you can read how to install hardwood floors.

Prepare the necessary materials and tools

These include finishing nails, hammer, masking tape, tape measure, notched trowel, wood floor glue, wood floor plug, pneumatic stapler, 1/4-inch lauan plywood backing, and safety goggles. Before starting, make a few notes; remember that these floors, even designed and locked, should not be installed in rooms below ground level. Instead, these floors should be installed on a solid, hard surface.

Measure the square meters of the entire area where you want to install your wood floor. Remember to add 5% to the total to compensate for wood scratches and other mistakes. It is also a good idea to prepare a diagram of the entire area. Open the flooring bags and allow them to adjust to the temperature and humidity in your home for at least 72 hours. Leave enough space for stationary appliances such as dishwashers. If you have gas appliances, it is best to hire a licensed plumber to turn them off for you.

Remove the shoe upholstery carefully because you can still use it after installation is complete. You should also remove the door sill covers if any. Cut off part of the bottom of the door frames. Measure and cut 1/4 inch of plywood and use it as a subfloor. Examine the floor stripes, as some may have scratches, gouges, or cracks. Measure and mark the 12″ point on the left and right sides of the wall where the installation will begin. Slide the floor strips forward or backward to leave a 1/2 inch gap between the wall and the last strip.

Nail the support boards along the starting line from the side closest to the wall. It would be best to position the floorboards towards the center of the room because these boards will provide the necessary support to hit the floorboards securely. Apply the adhesive along the starting line with a notched trowel. The trowel should be at a 45-degree angle for a smooth and even coating. Ensure you are using the correct adhesive because different types of adhesives can be used for different wood floors. The floorboards can now be installed. Do not install floorboards with the two ends side by side or side by side. Tap the floorboards lightly on both sides with a woodblock to make sure the rows are tight.


Now that people just learned how to install hardwood floors, they are ready to give their floor a stylish new look! When prepared to install the flooring between the wall and the waterline, be sure to remove all support blocks before applying adhesive to the floor.

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How To Buy The Perfect Wooden Centre Table

A statement centre table is the focal point of a living room. While choosing and buying a centre table for the interior design of a home, you should put some thought into it. Always ensure that it matches the design of your living room and complements the look of the other furniture pieces in the room. With so many centre table designs, shapes, sizes, and styles available in the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice to one. If you are not sure how to buy the perfect wooden centre table while designing your living room, here are a few tips to assist you:

01 of 06 Set a budget

Before making any purchase, you should always set a budget. This will help to ensure that you do not cross your financial limitations. Many attractive wooden centre tables feature very intricate and elaborate designs. They have a luxurious appeal and add to the room’s aesthetic beauty. Such wooden centre tables can be very expensive. Their cost also depends on the type of material used, the size, design, and finish. A centre table can cost anywhere between 3,500 to 90,000.

02 of 06 The function of the furniture

Although centre tables appear the same as coffee tables, they are quite different. Centre tables should have the same length as the sofa or any seating space around them. Mostly, centre tables a preferred in front of long sofas. You can use it to store various items like magazines, TV remote, etc. Placing decor items on the centre table is a great option as well. On the other hand, coffee tables are available in mostly round and oval shapes. These tables have the same height as the seating space and are placed right next to it. These are used mainly for serving tea and snacks.

03 of 06 Type of material used to manufacture

The material used in the manufacturing process has a huge impact on the quality and properties of the product. Besides enhancing its appeal, the material also determines the lifetime of the product. If you are investing in a statement centre table, make sure that it is made of durable materials. Otherwise, it may start showing signs of wearing off in a few years. Also, you should choose a material keeping your home decor design in mind. Some commonly used materials for wooden centre tables are Beech wood, solid wood, Acacia wood, MDF, mango wood, Sheesham wood, high-grade engineered wood, and particle board.

04 of 06 The type of finish required

Besides the material used in the manufacturing process, the finish enhances the durability of the product as well. It acts as a protective layer and prevents the material from getting damaged. Moreover, the type of finish you choose for the centre table has a huge impact on the overall interior design of your home. There are plenty of options you can choose from like a matte finish, paint, polish, laminate, melamine coating, glossy finish, UV finish, and veneer.

05 of 06 Design and styles

The design and style of the wooden centre table will have a huge impact on the room’s appearance. Hence, choosing the right centre table is very crucial while designing your living room. Moreover, you have to think about its placement. If you can place it strategically, it will become the focus of the living room.

Wooden centre tables are available in both contemporary and traditional designs. You can easily find both modern sleek designs and elaborate traditional designs. Moreover, you also have to think about the shape of the wooden centre table. Commonly, square, hexagonal, rectangular, round, and oval shapes are found in living room designs. Further, you have to consider the storage options you want. You will find different storage solutions like pull-out drawers, open and closed shelves, lift up storage, etc.

06 of 06 Always check the warranty

Before buying any piece of furniture, it is very important to check the warranty of the product. In case the wooden centre table gets damaged within a very short period of time, you will have to make a lot of expenses for repairing or replacing the item. To avoid such unnecessary expenses while designing your living room, it is always better to opt for products that come with a warranty

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5 Signs That Your Swimming Pool Needs Repair

Swimming is an activity that many of us enjoy. It is enjoyable to play around the water especially during the summer when there is a lot of heat. Some people take up swimming as a leisure activity or hobby while others do it professionally.

There are many ways one can access a swimming pool in hotels, stadiums, and even in the backyard of our homes.

Some people take up swimming as a leisure activity or hobby while others do it professionally

Maintenance of a swimming pool requires a lot. These activities include cleaning, repairing, and many more. Luckily, some companies offer not only cleaning services but also swimming pool repair services.

The swimming pool must be cleaned and repaired to avoid any infections or bad odor from the water. Cleaning a swimming pool entails a lot of activities especially if it is being done professionally.

These activities include: scrubbing the wall, changing the water, and adding chlorine. It is, therefore, crucial to select an able team that will produce the best results at an affordable price.

How do you know it is time to repair your swimming pool?

Fissure on the swimming pool wall

Swimming pool walls are made of concrete walls that are bound to acquire cracks due to the stress that they experience.

Once you notice cracks on your swimming pool wall, it would be advisable to have them repaired as soon as possible when they are still small.

If the cracks grow bigger beyond repair, you may be forced to construct a new wall and this will be a costlier repair.

Shattered swimming pool lights

One of the signs that your swimming pool needs to be repaired is broken lights.

You should have the light repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. This is because when the electricity comes into contact with water an electric shock is produced. This is very dangerous as it could lead to a person’s death.

Dirty water

Normally, swimming pool water is usually clear hence if you notice that the water in your swimming pool is not clear but has a different color then it is time to have your swimming pool repaired and cleaned.

This should also be done as soon as possible since dirty stagnant water can be hazardous especially since it can cause bacterial infections.

Leakages of the swimming pool water

Under normal circumstances, swimming pools have an inlet and outlet hence when you notice that your pool is removing water from places other than the specified places, it would be best to look for a repair team.

Assuming these leakages could result in some greater consequences such as flooding of the area where the pool is located and wastage of water.

Faulty water pump

Water pumps are used to ensure a constant flow of water in the swimming pool hence a faulty water pump would mean that the water remains constant for a long time which might lower the water level in the swimming pool.

A repair is in order just to ensure that the pool works appropriately.

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Do You Have Warranties For Your Electronics?

Electronics are the most valued items by human beings; every household is proud of various electronics for their various needs. Having these electronics at home gives one a sense of wellbeing, and they are of great value to our lives and pieces of aesthetic value to our homes. Having these electronics comes with responsibilities, for we have to take care of them by some washing them and others just having random checks on their performances. To be on the safe side with your electronics, buy those with an electronics warranty from the manufacturer. When an appliance has some defects, you can take it back to the authorized service providers for repairs and even replacements.

What is an electronic warranty?

Electronic warranties are service agreements or contracts that help cover your electronics when they have a malfunction. If your electronics are under warranty, that means when a breakdown happens, the warranty company will step in and do the repairs and replacement of parts or the entire machine for you at no cost. Still, these faults should be mechanical or electrical. Some warranties come directly from the manufacturer with the said items, and there are others you can buy besides those from the retail sellers and warranty administrators.  The ones you get from a retailer are called the extended warranties, which cost a certain amount with the retail price’s electronic price. Mostly the warranties will cover the wear and tear aspect of an electronic device and the mechanical aspects. The warranties have terms and conditions tied to them, which a consumer must read and understand. Some retailers’ warranty stipulates that you will still have the manufacturer’s warranty for repairs and replacements for the first year you buy your electronic device.

Benefits of using electronic warranties

There are many benefits one can enjoy with warranties from either the manufacturer or the third-party warranties.  Once you have a warrant for your device or an electronic you won’t need to worry about repairs and replacements, the warranty company will handle all of those worries; they will step in and sort everything out; some of the significant benefits enjoyed are;

  • You are guaranteed the repair services in case of a default.
  • Owner of gadgets has peace of mind  is ensured
  • It is a saving plan for the owners
  • The owner guaranteed an excellent resale price of the same item.

Examples of electronics that are warranty covered.

Today, there are many electronics in the market, and their prices differ with each equipment’s complexity and specifications. There is the costly one on the higher end while there are still the pocket-friendly ones for everyone. Examples of this electronic equipment are;

  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • TVs
  • Laptops
  • Electronic music systems
  • Phones.
  • Electronics ovens

These are just a few examples of the commonly used equipment by most people. There is always a rule that the consumer does not pay for the manufacturer’s warranty, and damage or replacements is for free. There are other warranties that you can buy on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. They are also suitable for covering the manufacturer’s original warranty, offering you more coverage for the electronics bought, and spreading your risks to these warranty companies.

Electronic warranty purchase

Electronic warranties always come from the manufacturer as they release their products to the market; they come already tied with the specific electronic service agreement. These warranties from the manufacturer mostly last for three years, after which the manufacturer is not liable to cater for the equipment’s repairs and replacement. When the manufacturer warranty lapses, the owner of a device can approach a retailer selling the same product and opt to buy another warranty to protect his electronic machines. When the electronic warranty from the manufacturer lapses and the owner does not want to purchase another warranty, he can opt to protect the appliances with a home warranty protection plan which covers even the appliances.

Differences between a home warranty and an electronic warranty

These are the two types of warranties that cover appliances, but they have different policy approaches. The electronic warranty comes directly from the manufacturer when the device is purchased, and they usually cover the wear and tear and mechanical faults of a device. In contrast, a home warranty covers the household appliances and other home systems, and they are customarily paid for at certain intervals of time for continuity of the protection plan.

In conclusion, an electronics warranty is a new order to protect all electronic devices; this gives you confidence in your electronics. Always make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions specified in warranty agreements.

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5 ways to clean velvet furniture

Having velvet furniture in your home decor is a bold choice. It makes for a chic home interior design and definitely amps up the space. However, everyone who owns velvet furniture is well-aware of both the joys and difficulties of it. While it looks absolutely stunning and sophisticated, velvet furniture can be a bit of a hassle to clean. Velvet is prone to discolouration, which, owing to its very noticeable presence, is quite visible. One needs to protect it from spills, stains, and the like. Moreover, if you have chosen bright and rich colours for your velvet furniture, then you must also take care not to expose it too much to sunlight as it can make the colours fade.

Sounds too high-maintenance? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be bad! There are definitely some things you can do to make your velvet-cleaning experience far easier and pleasant, and make a thorough job of it too. So here are some ways you can clean your velvet furniture and maintain it well –

Use the vacuum

Small dust particles can settle on top of your velvet furniture and refuse to leave. To maintain the velvet you need to vacuum it regularly on a daily basis, or at least every other day. You can also use a brush to dust off the unwanted particles and keep your velvet furniture tidy.

Blot spills instantly

If you have a spill on your velvet furniture, it is best to tackle it as soon as it occurs. Delaying it can cause it to leave a stain and damage the fabric, so handle it instantly. To clean a spill, use a clean and dry cloth so as to not damage it further. Also make sure that the cloth is absorbent.

Try and test cleaning products

You can try some cleaning solutions, even if it is just some soap and water on your velvet fabric to see what works. But make sure that you do it on a hidden spot so that you know whether it is effective or not. Create your own cleaning solution, use a soft cloth to blot the stain, and then leave the fabric to dry out completely.

Brush the fabric

This point is applicable both in regular maintenance and to clean spills. If you have taken care of a spill with a soap and water solution, after the fabric is dry, brush it in a uniform direction to restore the brand new look of your velvet furniture.

Take professional help

If you have tried everything but don’t know what to do, it is best to take some professional help. Every once in a while, turn to an expert to clean your velvet furniture with pure and water-free solvents. This will keep your furniture tip-top and also make sure that the colour uniformity is maintained.

Velvet is a great choice for your home decor. If you do plan to use velvet in your home design, keep these tips in mind to make sure that your velvet furniture looks clean, posh, and as good as when you first bought it.

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