Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets Around the House


When your dryer is broken, you can get it repaired by a professional by searching for “dryer repair near me”.  However, what about the dryer sheets? Dryer sheets used to be laundry exclusives. Not anymore! While the primary purpose of dryer sheets is to maintain the fluff of your fabric and reduce static, they can be used for several other purposes. Let’s check out some useful alternative uses for dryer sheets around the house:

The Uses

  1. Cleaning shoes – Shorts and tennis shoes can get very filthy and smelly over time. Dryer sheets can be used to clean them and get rid of the foul smell. You can get rid of the smell by inserting dryer sheets inside shoes and letting them sit inside overnight. For small footwear like ladies’ stilettos and kid’s shoes, half a dryer sheet is enough.

Dryer sheets can also be used to clean the dirt off the outer soles, restore grip and get rid of the squeaky noises. Rub the bottom of outer rubber soles with dryer sheets and the fibrous residue would stop the squeaky noise when you walk on smooth solid floors.

  1. Remove pet hair from furniture and clothes – Dryer sheets are very porous and fibrous and that’s why they are very good at reducing static from fabric. The same property allows you to easily remove pet hair from your clothes and furniture.

Rub those sheets over the furniture fabric to loosen the hair. After that follow up with a clothes brush or lint roller to get rid of the hair. You can also dampen dryer sheets and use them to effectively remove dust and hair from shelves, books, fan blades, books, and even window screens. 

  1. Calm your pets – Storms are unpleasant. While lightning strikes do scare people, your pets are more vulnerable due to their heightened senses. Next time there is an electric storm, use plant-based unscented dryer sheets to rub the coat of your pet and calm them down. It’s important to choose an organic and chemical-free dryer sheet since your pets often lick their own fur.
  1. Scrub away stuck food from pots and pans – When you bake or cook on a pot or pan, charring and fat can leave some nasty residues that are hard to remove. Instead of scrubbing those pans rigorously, you can clean them the smart way. Get non-woven polyester dryer sheets, place them on the pan and fill it up with water. Let the sheets soak overnight.

Dryer sheets have a silicone coating that softens food crumbs and debris.  You’ll be surprised how easily you can wipe away those nasty residues in the morning. The gentle texture of the dryer sheet doesn’t leave scratches or any signs of damage on the pan either.

  1. Freshen luggage – Luggage and gym bags are often stuffed with dirty clothes that can leave a foul smell. When you tuck them away in the closet, the smell worsens. Instead, place a few dryer sheets inside the empty luggage to get rid of the musty smell and add a fresh scent. You can also use this trick to freshen up your smelly workout clothing.
  1. Add convenience to sewing and needling – While sewing it’s very frustrating when threads knot up. Dryer sheets to the rescue again. Fold a dryer sheet and run the thread between it before you start and sewing or needlework. This creates an inexpensive and effective system to keep the thread from tangling. Silicone coating on the dryer sheets prevents the thread from getting caught up and rubbing against itself.
  1. Clean dryer drum or an iron – Dryers can get very hot. Hot enough to melt gum, crayons, or stickers you may have left inside your trouser or shirt pocket. When they come out of the pockets inside the dryer, the hot air can melt them and make them stuck to your dryer drum. Take a dry and non-woven polyester dryer sheet and scrub away that gunk. The dryer sheet has a favorable texture to get rid of the stickiness without damaging the smooth finish inside the drum.

The same technique can be used to get rid of gunk from the bottom of your iron. Dampen a dryer sheet and rub it on the cold iron at the scorch marks and starch buildup. After that, heat the iron at a low setting and ruin it over paper towels to eliminate any residue.

  1. Make a bug repellent – Dryer sheets can also be very useful outside your home. When you go out camping or for other outdoor activities in the wild, you can use scented dryer sheets as bug repellants. You can rub them over your skin or tuck them over your socks, cuffs, and collars to keep the bugs away.
  1. Clean the car – Add dry polyester non-woven dryer sheets inside your car cleaning kit. You can use those dryer sheets to remove insects inside your car. Wet those sheets and remove bugs from the front grille and the windshield. The fabric has the perfect texture to scrub away bugs without damaging the paint or glass surface.
  1. Protect your plants – Gardeners painstakingly grow fresh produce in their backyard. The plants don’t just provide them with organic food, but also brighten their mood. A lot of care and time goes into growing your plants and it ruins your day when you find deer and critters munch on them.

Scented dryer sheets are a viable solution to this problem and some gardeners swear by it. Cut scented dryer sheets into thin strips and tie them on the tips of the foliage of your plants, shrubs, and trees. Make sure to stick to polyester sheets so that they don’t melt away in wet weather.


As you can see, dryer sheets can be used for a lot of things. From the laundry to the kitchen and even for sewing. On the other hand, you can repair your broken dryer by searching for “dryer repair near me” and hiring a reputed professional.