Alternative methods to paving a driveway or parking lot

If you are in need of a pavement, whether it be for a driveway or parking lot. You may be under the impression that you have very limited options to choose from. But, there are more choices than know. With traditional means of paving there is either one of the two of the staples of paving. Which are concrete and asphalt, that can be seen in modern day construction. Both being strong and durable, as well as expensive and time consuming. This is not to say they are not worth it. There is a reason that you see them everywhere, they simply work and can handle large amounts of weight. But, there is another option that has come by as of recently. That option is permeable pavements, a relatively new method that has seen an increasingly popular use. But, you may not be that familiar with it or may have never heard of it to begin with. That is why I’m here to tell you about it and the befits that you can achieve with it. I will go over how it works, what it costs and the features that it has over other methods.

 How it works is completely different from concrete or asphalt. It does not rely on strengthening the top with a slab of rock. Instead it works by strengthening the ground from underneath, making it suitable for vehicles or people. This system draws its strength from a plastic sheet, one with small units that house any filler material. Think of a potted plants, now connected with many other pots to make a sheet. That is what it is basically. Using this sheet you fill it in with dirt, gravel and even sod. And each pot reinforces the others to make a stable surface, comparable to most pavements. With the base sheet itself being strong enough to drive on to begin with.

 Some of the benefits and features that come with this system is the ability to handle stormwater management. Allowing water to pass through and be absorbed into the ground, while keeping the top soil strong. This also works with sun rays, preventing the retention of heat, that would occur with other methods as asphalt or concrete. It is also made with recycled plastics to help reduce waste.

 Now, because it is designed to use a filler material. The cost of materials goes significantly down. It also requires almost no maintenance, since it does not crack under natural erosion. Couple this with that it takes half the time to install and almost half the price of concrete. You can easily see how it can save you money.

 Just because you need something paved, does not mean that you have to break the bank to do it.

Permeable pavements are designed to be a cheaper and flexible way of paving. Allowing itself to be lent to almost any paving job, it no wonder people are starting to make the switch to this new paving method.