A Rug Shopper’s Guide For Browsing Through Online Rug Stores

Most people are shopping and purchasing area rugs online today in 2023, and this means that rug shoppers everywhere need to be savvy when it comes to comparing and browsing through seemingly endless online inventories.

Your home’s décor simply isn’t complete without rugs, and we’ve partnered up with a Charlotte NC rug store that offers a gigantic online marketplace to help you when it comes to figuring out your best ways to browse for rugs online. There are so many online rug vendors out there today to the point that this type of online shopping can become rather overwhelming, so we’re narrowing down our rug shopper’s guide to make online rug shopping a lot easier on you!

Considerations To Keep In Mind Prior To Online Rug Shopping

A lot of people understandably don’t know where to start when they’re in the beginning stages of online rug shopping, but we of course all know the basic criteria of shopping: color, size and materials.

What’s great about shopping for area rugs online is that you can utilize a site’s search filters to more efficiently narrow your search only to what you’re specifically looking for. This means you can make the proper measurements, understand your room’s existing aesthetics, and then adjust your online searches for specific sizes and colors.

And if certain rug materials speak to you, then you can also often filter your search to only show you specific materials. But one of the best things an online rug shopper can do to save time is to keep several shopping considerations in mind and make the most of search filters!

Rug Shape & Size

Size is always a huge factor to keep in mind while you’re browsing for rugs online, and it just so happens to be something that a lot of online shoppers forget about until it’s too late. Bigger typically is better when it comes to rug shopping, but of course you’ll have to ensure that your new rug will fit correctly within your desired space. A lot of people are purchasing smaller rugs in 2023 as accent pieces, and this includes runner rugs that are often used in narrower household areas.

Rug shape has also recently become a major online shopping factor, because people simply want more variation from the traditional, rectangle rugs we’re all accustomed to. These days a lot of online shoppers are choosing round rugs, as well as square and other non-traditional shapes. Runner rugs are also non-traditional area rug shapes that are wildly popular, and this is because they’re so versatile for every household.

Rug Styles & Materials

The majority of online rug shoppers will primarily focus on a rug’s color and style, and they’ll often neglect materials. This is largely because you can’t technically feel a rug while shopping online, but this doesn’t mean that this crucial factor should be ignored!

There are many different rug materials out there that can make or break these types of home décor investments. Some rug materials are more durable than others, and some require less maintenance. The odds are that you’re going to be choosing between natural rug fibers (wool, silk, cotton, etc.) and synthetic fibers (polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, etc.).

Natural fibers tend to be more durable and require less cleaning, but synthetic fibers are always more affordable. So choosing your next area rug’s material will go hand-in-hand with your overall budget.

You’re also going to need to keep your new rug’s style in mind, and our best tip is to choose a style that matches your furniture (and speaks to your personality).

Don’t Forget To Consider Rug Pile As Well!

A rug’s pile refers to its overall thickness or density, and this is a huge consideration to keep in mind while online shopping. Sometimes it’s difficult to grasp a rug’s pile while browsing through online inventories, but getting this shopping factor wrong can be a big mistake.

Low-pile area rugs will subsequently have short fibers, which is why these rugs are often placed in household areas with high foot traffic. Low-pile rugs are also always placed underneath doorways for proper clearance.

High-pile rugs will have longer fibers, and the most popular style would be shag rugs within this industry niche. So as is easy to imagine, high-pile rugs tend to be more difficult to clean and vacuum, and they’re typically placed in cozy parts of a home like bedrooms and bathrooms.

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