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A Guide on Various Handrail Designs for Your Staircase

Everyone may not realize the fact that the design of handrails can change overall style and functionality of the deck. Handrails are designed in such a way that there is complete safety of the person who is climbing the deck.

Besides safety, handrails play an important role in providing better style to railings and decks. Nowadays, the technology has made it easier for everyone to find handrails which cover both functionality and style within the budget. Manufacturers have found various ways to enable ordinary people afford functional and affordable handrails.

Materials of Handrail

These days, various types of materials are used for making handrails including aluminum, steel, iron and wood. One can choose a material for handrails that can bend as per one’s personal needs and styles.

Apart from this, designs of handrails have also become elaborate and one can choose from numerous designs as per the requirement. However, choosing a handrail design for your staircase can be a difficult task, therefore this guide will brief you some most popular designs.

Wooden Handrail

This staircase design us made from a clear glass and it has a beautiful and thin handrail on its both sides. The shape of this handrail is very delicate with wonderful curves. It stands apart from other handrails due to its elegant finish and sleek shape. Besides this, the color of this handrail complements its décor.

Here, both the guardrail and stairs are made up of wood with relatively sturdy and strong constructions. This is one of the most contemporary staircases which showcase a contrast between guardrail and staircase. The guardrail has rustic look with staircases being simple and black.

Metal Handrail

A metal handrail can feature both a classic and an industrial style design. It provides a subtle contrast of texture and color. The design of this handrail is quite simple and offers good support.

Earlier chromed metal handrails were quite popular; however, they are harder to integrate with interiors. Such handrails match with floor lamp ensuring that continuity in the decor is maintained.

Artful Handrail

You can use your staircase for adding a design element, which can further enhance the artistic look of your decor. In this particular design, your staircase seems to float in air. The handrail used in this design is simple however its shape creates an interesting visual effect which complements whole design wonderfully.


Hope this guide has provided you the required details about handrail designs, which you can use for your staircases.