5 ways to clean velvet furniture

Having velvet furniture in your home decor is a bold choice. It makes for a chic home interior design and definitely amps up the space. However, everyone who owns velvet furniture is well-aware of both the joys and difficulties of it. While it looks absolutely stunning and sophisticated, velvet furniture can be a bit of a hassle to clean. Velvet is prone to discolouration, which, owing to its very noticeable presence, is quite visible. One needs to protect it from spills, stains, and the like. Moreover, if you have chosen bright and rich colours for your velvet furniture, then you must also take care not to expose it too much to sunlight as it can make the colours fade.

Sounds too high-maintenance? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be bad! There are definitely some things you can do to make your velvet-cleaning experience far easier and pleasant, and make a thorough job of it too. So here are some ways you can clean your velvet furniture and maintain it well –

Use the vacuum

Small dust particles can settle on top of your velvet furniture and refuse to leave. To maintain the velvet you need to vacuum it regularly on a daily basis, or at least every other day. You can also use a brush to dust off the unwanted particles and keep your velvet furniture tidy.

Blot spills instantly

If you have a spill on your velvet furniture, it is best to tackle it as soon as it occurs. Delaying it can cause it to leave a stain and damage the fabric, so handle it instantly. To clean a spill, use a clean and dry cloth so as to not damage it further. Also make sure that the cloth is absorbent.

Try and test cleaning products

You can try some cleaning solutions, even if it is just some soap and water on your velvet fabric to see what works. But make sure that you do it on a hidden spot so that you know whether it is effective or not. Create your own cleaning solution, use a soft cloth to blot the stain, and then leave the fabric to dry out completely.

Brush the fabric

This point is applicable both in regular maintenance and to clean spills. If you have taken care of a spill with a soap and water solution, after the fabric is dry, brush it in a uniform direction to restore the brand new look of your velvet furniture.

Take professional help

If you have tried everything but don’t know what to do, it is best to take some professional help. Every once in a while, turn to an expert to clean your velvet furniture with pure and water-free solvents. This will keep your furniture tip-top and also make sure that the colour uniformity is maintained.

Velvet is a great choice for your home decor. If you do plan to use velvet in your home design, keep these tips in mind to make sure that your velvet furniture looks clean, posh, and as good as when you first bought it.